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Red Tape Reduction Week

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Published on January 23, 2015 with No Comments

OP-ED from MP Parm Gill
This week from January 19 to 23, 2015, marks the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses
(CFIB) fifth annual Red Tape Reduction Week. Red Tape Reduction Week is the perfect opportunity to
highlight our Government’s commitment to promoting job creation, and fostering an environment in
which businesses can grow and succeed in the global economy.
Since the launch of the Red Tape Reduction plan in October 2012, we have been working hard to
implement various Economic Action Plan reforms that help reduce red tape for small businesses here in
Brampton. These reforms are creating a more transparent and predictable environment for our local
businesses so they can focus on creating jobs, and driving economic growth.

One primary example is the One-for-One Rule which imposes a new level of discipline across the
regulatory system by controlling how much administrative burden is imposed on businesses through
regulation. Another example was our introduction of the Small Businesses Job Credit, which will lower
small businesses’ payroll taxes by 15 percent for the next two years, saving these businesses an
expected $550 million over this two year period. These are just some of the ways that our Conservative
Government is being part of the solution, by helping to strengthen small businesses in Brampton and
across Canada.

The Government of Canada is helping businesses in our community succeed in the global economy.
Included with this focus is our commitment to keep taxes low, and control federal regulation to free
entrepreneurs from the burden of red tape.


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