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Budget 2015: For a City that Thrives

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Published on February 13, 2015 with No Comments

The 2015 budget is a strong financial blueprint for our thriving city, and our promising future, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said today following the approval of the 2015 City of Mississauga budget.

“We engaged people,” Mayor Crombie said. “We heard directly from residents about their funding priorities and together, we have put forward a fiscally-responsible, balanced budget that respects taxpayers’ hard-earned money, while safeguarding local investments,” Crombie added.

To achieve budget 2015 investment goals, the overall impact is a 2.2% adjustment to the property taxpayer; 1.3% represents the City of Mississauga; a proposed 0.9% represents the Region of Peel. “As a City, our budget portion is below the rate of inflation. This better allows families to manage their own household budgets. This was a long-held commitment of mine that we achieved,” Crombie added.

“I am proud to say we found over $6 million dollars in savings across different departments, through a process called Lean which focuses on creating more value with fewer resources. These savings are equivalent to reducing local taxes by nearly 2%.

“I also believe that cutting costs is about leading by example – and it starts with me. This is why I chose to freeze my salary for the next four years. In fact, less than 1% of tax dollars are spent on the mayor and councillor offices,” Crombie said.

Mississauga’s financial planning translates into: improvements to the Meadowvale Community Centre and Library; improved MiWay public transit service; new fire stations to support first responders and to keep residents safe; more community trails for walkers, cyclists, and runners; and improved bridges and roads to help residents, commuters, transit riders, and workers, streamline travel throughout Mississauga.

Mississauga is also moving forward with the introduction of the Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) will improve the flow of traffic.

We are also doing our part to move the Light Rail Transit (LRT) plan forward. Mississauga has funded $15.4 million for planning studies; an environmental assessment; and preliminary design work. Our 2015-2024 capital plan includes a total of $25 million for land acquisition. The LRT will improve public transit, create jobs and generate economic development. It will elevate the quality of life for residents, and it will unleash the potential of our Downtown core, said Crombie.

“Our commitment to finding savings, showing discipline with taxpayers’ money, and strategically investing to help our city grow, has also ensured Mississauga maintains its Triple-A credit rating.”
This means Mississauga enjoys a strong financial reputation, Crombie said, citing that “it gives businesses and entrepreneurs – from across Canada and around the world – the confidence to invest; expand service offerings; create jobs; and achieve success right here in Mississauga.”

Crombie concluded “Our 2015 budget is a strong foundation that will better position Mississauga to further develop into a world-class city, with a quality of life that is second to none.”


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