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Vaughan joins the ranks of world-class cities

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Published on January 22, 2016 with No Comments

Only the second city in Canada to be recognized by the World Council on City Data

 The City of Vaughan has been a member of Global City Indicators Facility (GCIF) at the

University of Toronto – a predecessor of the WCCD – since 2011.

 The WCCD was established to globally operationalize ISO 37120 – the first international

standard on metrics for sustainable cities. The certification system and Global Cities

Registry™ for ISO 37120 was developed using the GCIF framework with input from 255 cities

across 82 countries, international organizations, corporate partners and international experts

from more than 20 countries.

 WCCD ISO 37120 Platinum Certification was awarded based on the recommendation of an

independent third-party verifier who reviewed Vaughan’s data.

 ISO 37120 includes 100 indicators, which are structured around the following 17 themes:

economy, education, energy, environment, finance, fire and emergency response,

governance, health, recreation, safety, shelter, solid waste, telecommunications,

transportation, urban planning, wastewater, and water and sanitation.

 The WCCD is a global hub for creative learning partnerships across cities, international

organizations, corporate partners, and academia to further innovation, envision alternative

futures, and build better and more livable cities.

The City of Vaughan joined the ranks of world-class cities today as it was ushered into the World

Council on City Data (WCCD). Vaughan was selected to participate in a worldwide platform for city

data that can be used in the planning process and decision-making, demonstrating that the City has

reached the highest standards in collecting and using research as part of delivering service

excellence to residents.

In a special presentation to Vaughan Council, the City was awarded WCCD ISO 37120 Platinum

Certification for reliable and useful statistics by WCCD president and CEO Patricia McCarney. The

WCCD is the global leader in standardized city data that helps create smart, sustainable, resilient and

prosperous cities.

Vaughan is part of a select group of global cities that received this prestigious certification in 2015.

Some of the other cities represented in the WCCD are Johannesburg, Shanghai, Melbourne,

Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Vaughan’s membership in the WCCD gives the City the opportunity to compare best practices with

other cities and actively participate in a worldwide organization that values a standardization of

measurement and performance data. The WCCD hosts a network of innovative cities committed to

improving services and quality of life with open city data and provides a consistent and

comprehensive platform for standardized urban metrics. ISO 37120 has defined these indicators with

an established methodology to ensure a comprehensive set of indicators that will allow any sized city

to track and measure its social, economic and environmental performance in relation to other cities.

“Vaughan is leading the way in Canada and abroad as it reaches new heights in international

recognition. My vision for Vaughan has always been clear – to build a city where people can live

happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. As a member of the Global Cities Indicators Facility International

Advisory Board – the organization that built this first ISO Standard for cities – I championed the

importance and value of being part of this global initiative because it provides Vaughan with the

opportunity to collaborate with and learn from more than 250 cities worldwide. Achieving ISO platinum

certification by the World Council on City Data demonstrates our commitment to building a world-class

city as we are one of two cities representing Canada on a global scale. This is a great opportunity to

have first-hand access to a global knowledge hub and be among the most innovative cities in the

world as we take Vaughan to the next level,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua


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