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Tunnel leaves cops speechless

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Published on February 27, 2015 with No Comments

Toronto police are searching for the builder of a mysterious underground bunker, but say there was nothing to suggest any criminal activity was involved.
The Rexall centre is about a 40 minute drive north of downtown Toronto beside the York University Keele campus. The tunnel was located next to the tennis courts where the Pan Am matches will be played this summer. The bunker was below a treed area known as the Black Creek Parkland and it was a conservation officer who found a large wooden lid after spotting a mound of dirt back on January 14th.
Underneath it, a 10 foot hole with a ladder leading down to the chamber. Inside it’s tall enough for an adult to stand in, 2 feet 10 inches wide and just over 33 feet long and it’s purpose remains a mystery. Also inside a remembrance day poppy attached to a rosary nailed to a wall. Police wouldn’t speculate what the odd items mean.
Toronto deputy chief Mark Saunders says whoever built the tunnel had some expertise. There was also a second, smaller hole nearby housing a gas generator and an extension cord was supplying power to the larger room. Police also found a sump pump to remove ground water, moisture resistant lightbulbs, and a pulley system most likely for removing dirt.
Investigators have since excavated, forensically examined and then filled in the hole. They say it would have taken more than one person to build and it looks like it was all done by hand.


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