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Toronto’s gateway to serenity-Wat Lao Buddhist Temple and Garden

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Published on July 07, 2015 with No Comments

Lachman Balani

Looking for a quick break from the hustle bustle of city life in a serene and spiritual surrounding?

Well look no further. 6 km north of Caledon East just past Brampton in the GTA at 17969 Airport

Road is a Buddha garden and temple complete with several multi-faceted Buddha statues

including the most famous reclining Buddha statue, propping his head on his right elbow, when he

gains his final enlightenment or mahāparinabbāna,

In the garden there are several statues all lined up with different hand gestures symbolizing

peace, fearlessness, meditation, teaching and blessings.

The one that is the most striking that really grabbed the attention of all visitors depicts the

touching-the-earth gesture (Bhūmiśparṣa mudrā) where the right arm rests on the right thigh with

the fingers pointing downwards, but not always touching the earth. The left hand rests in the

dhyāna mudrā (meditation) position in the Buddha’s lap.

There is also the classic meditation state (Dhyāna  mudrā)  where the hands are shown lying flat

in the Buddha’s lap, palms upward. This mudrā is associated with a seated Buddha. It shows that

the Buddha is disciplining his mind through mental concentration, a necessary step to achieving


Then of course one can’t but smile or laugh looking at the popular laughing Buddha statue!

A short walk away there is a small lake with an island boasting a maple tree that one can access

using a walkway. This spot is like heaven on earth-a real oasis of beauty and serenity with several

goldfish swimming in the lake. It is a place to lose oneself in deep reverie.

One must also visit the temple and look closely at all the handiwork. There is also a dharmchakra

(wheel of law) on the roof.

There are no words to describe the tranquility and nirvana type serenity of this place. It has to be

seen to be really appreciated.


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