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Budget 2016 Must Include Plan for Affordable Hydro: Brown

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Published on February 22, 2016 with No Comments

QUEEN’S PARK – This morning in the Legislature, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown highlighted the need for the Liberal Government to put forward a credible plan to make energy affordable in the upcoming provincial budget.
Affordable hydro for Ontarians is one of the three recommendations the Ontario PC Caucus believes the people of Ontario deserve to see represented in Ontario Budget 2016.
“Sadly, Liberal scandal, waste, and mismanagement have led to hydro bills skyrocketing in Ontario,” Leader Patrick Brown stated. “Energy is now unaffordable for many vulnerable seniors and families.”
Government mismanagement has meant that hydro in Ontario is much more expensive than it should be. Under the Liberal Government the average family’s annual energy costs have increased by more than $1,000. In addition, the Auditor General’s recent report confirmed that ratepayers will continue to be overcharged $170 billion for electricity in Ontario – averaging $450 dollars for each person in Ontario per year.
“This government must be looking at ways to make electricity and hydro bills more affordable,” said Leader Patrick Brown. “Therefore this budget must include a credible plan to make energy affordable in Ontario, and any credible plan must include halting any further sale of Hydro One.”
Leader Patrick Brown highlighted the plight of Blenheim-area resident Cathy Van Breda, a 74-year old widow whose last Hydro One bill was $813 dollars. Despite doing everything she can to keep her hydro costs down, including using a wood furnace to heat her home most of the time, Ms. Van Breda’s recent hydro bill was $500 dollars more than what she usually pays.
While vulnerable Ontarians struggle to afford costly hydro bills, the Liberal Government is pushing forward with the fire sale of Hydro One – offering no assurances that the sale will not result in further rate increases.
“Does the Premier feel bad for the seniors that can’t turn on the lights because of this government? Does she feel bad that there are seniors who can’t afford to eat because they have to pay this government’s unaffordable hydro bills?” concluded Leader Patrick Brown.


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