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Why are foreign students getting rejected?

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Published on November 21, 2019 with No Comments

A nation that is the land of immigrants is now turning back two to five people applying for study visa. The worst sufferers are Indians and Africans as they face the highest rate of rejection. There were a total of 572,000 international students in Canada at the end of 2018, which makes Canada the world’s fourth biggest destination for global education. Indian nationals make up 30 per cent of foreign students in Canada, followed by China at 24 per cent, and South Korea, France and Vietnam at four per cent each. For years Canada has been the world’s fastest growing destination for international students.

However, the scenario has changed too soon. The Immigration Department this year hasrejected 39 per cent of study-visa applications. Whereas in the year 2014, the rate was only 28 percent and since 2016, Canada has turned down more than 100,000 study-visa applicants a year.

The figures and the reasons presented by the immigration officials present a dismal picture of those seeking student’s visa.  One in 10 applicants are rebuffed for apparent fraud. One of the reasons for the rejection is, an Ontario college has raised concerns over the validity of the scores of a popular international standardized language test submitted by students applying from India after a probe found “inconsistencies” in language proficiency. Niagara College has raised concern for more than 400 students admitted to its January 2019 program who have taken the IELTS tests in locations in India. The students have been advised to undergo a test for English or they risk losing their offer for admission. The college launched an investigation this fall as the teaching staff raised concern of the comprehensive ability of some students. Close to 200 failed in their academic programs, as their English was not at the required level. The college went ahead with investigation and it came out, that 80 percent of them were from India and had taken their IELTS tests by Australia-based IDP Education. Now there are concerns over the way the aspiring students are seeking their certification for IELTS.  

Availability of funds is another factor as another set of students are unable to prove they have sufficient money to pay high tuition fees and other associated expenditures like rents etc.

While another set of students present study plans and choice of courses that don’t make sense. It appears they have chosen courses as directed by immigration agents of the country they are coming from.  It’s a fact that students seeking study visa in Canada tend to hire an agent. Some of these applications are prepared by novice, are put poorly leading to confusion among the immigration agents. In certain cases even deserving students get rejected as the applications are not up to the mark.

The worst affected are students from India as they have grown into the largest group of foreign students in Canada. Most of the students of foreign origin go further with the process of securing work permit and then seek permanent resident status.  There are as many as 173,000 study permit holders who sooner or later would obtain permanent resident status so they can get full-time jobs and obtain Canadian citizenship for themselves.

Another event that can’t be erased from the minds of the Canadians. The fight among the students of Indian origin at the Sheridan College, Brampton; and another case where sword yielding students of Indian origin attacked each other at Steeles and Trafalgar in Milton has made the immigration agent even more alert. As Canada as a nation doesn’t want to have students who can be troublemaker in years to come.

The biggest cause of rejection is the prospective students themselves. The immigration agents have been exercising a caution to ensure only deserving and right minded people enter Canada.


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