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When government dig up roads, farmers feed the cops!

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Published on January 14, 2021 with No Comments

In scenes reminiscent of war zones, and first of its kind of an attempt by any government; the Haryana government dug trenches in the middle of Highways leading to Delhi as part of their efforts to stop the farmers travelling to the national capital to protest against the Centre’s farm laws. Several images and visuals showed roadsides dug up, barbed wires installed, cement blocks and shipping containers placed along the border to stop farmers marching towards the national capital. Cops were deployed by Haryana and Delhi government who went all out to ensure that the farmers are not able to move closer to New Delhi. On the other hand, the farmers came prepared, they filled up the trenches, removed blockades and even served food to the cops who were seen using water cannons against the farmers. Perhaps a unique case of its kind, where the government damaged the road to stop the marchers/protestors  and the latter did the duty of repairing them! Later over the time, the bonhomie shared by the cops and the farmers has remained astonishing. Common food, serving food to each other. This must have come as a relief for the cops as they are known to be deployed with hardly any backup arrangement of necessary items.

Questions are being raised on the role of the BJP led Haryana government. What business does a state government has to stop, exercise brutality on protestors? But for the fact, it comes from the same party that is at the centre. Hence, it is BJP that is attacking the protestors making use of state machinery. Farmers on reaching Delhi border were offered option to enter, which makes the Chief Minister of Haryana looks like a man who was not aware of the plans of centre government but was used to traumatize farmers.

Though farmers from six northern states — Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh — are participating in the agitation, the Narendra Modi government finds it apt to show this as an agitation by farmers of Punjab only. The government used its divisive policy and used terms like “ Khalistani”, “Communist” for the protesting farmers. The government is not in a position to acknowledge that it is facing an opposition to its enacted law from such a large population of India, also it’s easier for it to give it a separatist angle, especially when it pushed the bill in the upper house without allowing voting.

It is an ironical that farmers are being treated in this fashion. Called India’s bread basket, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana were instrumental in the Green Revolution in the 1970s that transformed agriculture, and along with it the lives of farmers in the state and giving a boost to the Indian economy.

The laws so enacted by Narendra Modi government have alienated the farmers who believe that the laws will open the door to Corporates.  Te government is propagating that these laws will free the farmers from the tyranny of mandis (agriculture market), and give them the freedom to sell their produce anywhere in India. But the farmers are not convinced. Going by the tweet of the Haryana Chief Minister of Nov 28, where he debars the farmers of neighboring state of Rajasthan to sell their produce in Haryana.

Going by the nature of this government where it doesn’t accept any kind of opposition to its plans, actions; and the determination being shown by the farmers the fight is going to be a long one. The meeting scheduled for December 9th was canceled by the Centre! Dead Lock!


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