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“We will seek to improve this record by creating another 1.3 million new jobs by 2020,”

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Published on October 08, 2015 with 1 Comment

Riding watch – Mississauga Lakeshore

Mississaga Lake shore map

Stella Ambler was first elected to the House of Commons in May 2011. As an MP, Stella believes that public service is about building a better quality of life for the people she is privileged to serve. Prior to her election she worked for Finance and GTA Minister Jim Flaherty, gaining an understanding of how the federal government can make a difference for Canadians in the GTA, and how she can be a strong advocate for her community. In Ottawa she served as a member of the Status of Women as well as the Environment & Sustainable Development Committees. She also chaired the Special Parliamentary Committee on Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women.  Stella and her husband Richard live in Lorne Park with their two children.

Stella Ambler Conservative candidate for Mississauga Lakeshore in an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections shares

  1. What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. It has been a privilege to serve as Member of Parliament for South Mississauga since 2011. In this role I have not limited my priorities to any particular areas, but rather worked hard get results for our entire community. I was proud to bring federal support to many local projects and programs like the Small Arms WW2 heritage building, the Dixie/QEW interchange, wetland rehabilitation in the Rattray Marsh, numerous disability access projects, and seniors programs. This Conservative government is committed to investments in local infrastructure, but we are also committed to doing it in a responsible way that ensures we can afford it. That means without raising taxes and without running a deficit.


  1. If conservatives are given a chance to come back to power, what would be one area in which you would like conservatives to improve its record?
  1. Since 2006 this Conservative government’s focus has been the economy. While Canada is not immune to a fragile global economy, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper Canada has weathered this economic instability with a plan of low taxes, a balanced budget, economic growth, and benefits provided directly to families. Canada has one of the strongest job creation records in the G7 with over 1.3 million net new jobs since the depth of the recession, our debt-to-GDP ratio is the lowest among G7 countries, and we have the lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G7. Should we earn the privilege of governing once more, we will seek to improve this record by creating another 1.3 million new jobs by 2020, a goal that economist Jack Mintz has said is achievable. We have cut taxes over 180 times resulting in the lowest federal tax burden in half a century and will continue to deliver the proven leadership needed to continue delivering our low-tax plan for Canadians.
  1. What would you do to make Canada better for Immigrants?
  2. A. As a daughter of immigrants, I know the struggles that families new to our country face. Since 2006 our Conservative Government has increased the number of new Canadians becoming citizens, welcoming 1.6 million new citizens since 2006. While in office, we passed comprehensive reforms to speed-up the process of becoming a Canadian citizen while also combating citizenship fraud. It is through reforms like these that Canada has welcomed the highest sustained level of immigration in Canadian history. This includes a 184% increase in the number of parents and grandparents admitted to Canada and welcoming the highest number of parents and grandparents as permanent residents to Canada in over 2 decades. Only a Conservative government will continue to provide the proven leadership needed to continue lowering taxes, increasing family reunification efforts, and creating jobs so immigrants can continue to contribute to building our country.

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