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Voters have messages for each party

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Published on November 02, 2019 with No Comments

Canadians have spoken, they have delivered their verdict. Canadians voted in a way, that each party gets a message of sort. They wanted to have a Liberal government but certainly not a Conservative one, however, made sure that the Liberal Government this time is in minority thus not giving a free hand to the Liberals, rather Canadians can keep a check on it. At the same time, the voters provided enough Members of Parliament to the Liberal that It can seek support from one of the other parties to form a government. Together Liberals, New Democrats and Green won more than 55 percent of the vote.  Despite the Liberals’ going down from 157 to 121 — the Conservatives actually outpolled them by a substantial margin. The Tories earned 6.1 million votes, for a 34.4 per cent share; the Liberals got 5.9 million votes, or a 33.1 per cent share.

Without a clear outcome, the voters are trying to say a lot to the political leadership.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s charisma of 2015, is on decline and been badly hit by his many scandals, broken promises.  Conservative leader Andrew Scheer had a good opportunity to make his party strong and grab enough seats to stake formation of the government, but to due to uninspiring appeal in Ontario that send maximum number of Member of Parliament.

NDP has a unique distinction and role to play. The party lost seats and popular votes however are in a position to extend support to Liberals to form a government. Will they be part of the government? A possibility that can’t be ruled out. The Green Party once again failed to make an impact, from one seat in 2015 to 3 in 2019, may seem to be a quantum jump, however with no impact. The newly found People’s Party’s has had embarrassment of its own kind, the leader and the sole Member of Parliament stands defeated. The Bloc Québécois managed to recreate its charm over its home provinc, as it claimed 32 seats across delivering a deafening blow to its federal counterparts namely NDP and Greens.

Ontarians had a significant role to play. It’s not a surprise that the Federal Election was decided mainly by Ontarians.  The Liberals lost support in every province across Canada but voters in Quebec and Ontario didn’t want to give the job to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Liberals managed to hold their votes in decisive Greater Toronto Area.  They swept all 25 of Toronto’s seats and even increased their share of the vote slightly. They also came out of the surrounding suburbs with 24 of 29 seats — identical to where they were on election night in 2015. These are the same voters that had ousted Liberals from Ontario provincial elections. This time they voted not for the Liberals but against the Conservatives. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer made a calculated error in Ontario, which didn’t go in his favour. He choose to sideline Ontario Premier Doug Ford, as he knew Ford would be an easy fodder for Trudeau. While Trudeau was attacking Doug Ford, he was nowhere to seen. While many expected him to stand next to Andrew Sheer, he was nowhere to be seen. This gave an impression to the voters that Andrew Sheer is hesitant to connect with Ontarians, and hence they preferred the Liberal candidates.

Canadians have also conveyed that they are intelligent voters; they rate the performances of the government and promises of various parties. They tend to link the national issues with the concerns of the province and make use the parties are made to acknowledge the power of democracy –as the strongest tool of governance.


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