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Uppal gives Trudeau lessons in multiculturalism

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Published on June 26, 2015 with No Comments

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau didn’t know what he is standing against when he said that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government “used” Sikh cabinet minister Tim Uppal to try to drive a wedge between Canadians of different ethnic groups.
Tim Uppal minister of state for multiculturalism was quick reply and said Trudeau’s comments were “outrageous and offensive.”
The controversy centres on remarks Trudeau made to reporters Monday, pointing to a press conference in which Uppal, helped unveil the government’s plan for legislation to ban the wearing of the face-covering niqab at citizenship ceremonies.

“Justin Trudeau’s inflammatory and insensitive reference to me as being from a “new Canadian community” because I am a Sikh is inexcusable” said Uppal in a press statement.

“I have heard from many Canadians of the Sikh faith across the country who took great offense to this comment, as did I.”I was born and raised in Canada and just because I am a Sikh does not mean that I am a “new Canadian,” Uppal highlighted in the statement. Apprising of Sikh history, Uppal said, “Sikhs have a long and proud history in our great country dating back over 100 years, and have contributed significantly over the decades to Canada’s economic prosperity and enviable pluralism.” Uppal further added, “ “I am proud to be a part of the Conservative government which has championed Sikhs’ rights to wear the kirpan and turbans on the soccer field.” He took a dig at Trudeau,”It is no surprise that Mr. Trudeau would make such an outrageous comment given that his top political advisor, Gerald Butts, equated the Sikh turban and beard to the niqab in a post on Twitter.Comparing a religious head-covering, such as a turban, to a full face-covering for women, like the niqab is ignorant.Mr. Trudeau has demonstrated once again that he is just not ready to lead. Moreover, he and his “advisor” should apologize to Canadians, particularly to Sikh Canadians, for their offensive and ignorant remarks.”


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