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Unlike Diana Magnay, Jim Clancy did not apologize, I wonder if he had been given a chance or not…

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Published on February 13, 2015 with No Comments

He could have been demoted from senior to middling position or could be re-assigned from on camera to behind the scenes, similar to Diana Magnay–who apologized for calling her harassers as “scum” not on her behalf but also from the organization’s behalf— later stopped to cover Israel-Gaza conflict of July 2014 and relocated to Moscow.

This is unbelievable that thirty-four years of service of Jim Clancy was of no significance to CNN?

His bio from the CNN website was immediately removed, but what about the awards he achieved for the organization?

Will he be allowed to take them home?

Even if he is been allowed, will he be still happy to have them, which were accolade for his achievements in the name of Cable News Network, whereas CNN has left a bad taste in his mouth…

I agree that Cyber world is cruel; it has proved to be the most effective gear in harming journalists’ careers. The objectionable posts are usually accused of being biased or partial, depending on which side of the split of the opinion it is reckoned. Also, social media has a diverse capacity as it tempts and invites unsolicited and spontaneous responses.

But its S-O-C-I-A-L media, which is meant to discuss things beyond professional limitations. So if the debate or argument between the pro-israeli promotional faction and Clancy was on the social media, why does Clancy has to quit a senior position that he attain after a longtime feat?

Unfortunately it was celebrated by his opponents, when a pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon tweeted: “Elder gets results! Jim Clancy fired from CNN.”

This means that he did not quit but was fired upon his job at point-blank, in a vindictive act.

I believe that Clancy didn’t apologize because he might have not regretted what he tweeted, similar to Octava Nasr, a long time foreign affairs editor and was fired by CNN in 2012, after she tweeted on the death of a leader of Hezbollah, the Lebanese organization, proclaiming “one of Hezbollah’s giant I respect a lot.” Later in an interview she confessed that she did not regret, but regretted that she could have run more tweets to express herself in detail what she meant by her preceding tweet.

Such incidents usually met with anger and frustration from journalists inside and outside the network, because they despise intimidation. This smearing trend of bullying against journalists falsely accuses them of being biased or partial, leads to a sneaky form of self-censorship.

On one hand, news organizations for their ranking, publicity and media hype; prop-up journalists to employ a connect with the audiences and on the other, lengthy memos are issued, barring journalists to propel any sentiment or information. Some have real hard rules while others just believe in disclaimers.

Although journalists are suffering the beheading, targeted murders, arrests, kidnapping, torture, threats and other virulent attacks on them. Where there is a plethora of such tragedies, at least news organizations should up-hold the honour and dignity of its employees.

Jim Clancy- is a veteran, by leaving CNN he might have not lose anything but CNN may feel jolts of repercussion of the vacuum created by his departure, “as experience is treasure.”


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