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This may linger on for long

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Published on June 18, 2024 with No Comments

Elections in Delhi were held on May 25th and the last phase of general elections is scheduled for June 1; and the issue of AAP Rajya Sabha member Swati Maliwal is brewing. Swati Maliwal has alleged that the Personal Assistant of Chief Minister of Delhi assaulted her.

On the same day the assault took place, she reached the police station to file a report, but did not file the report. She only did so after three days. Who should take the responsibility for this incidence? Swati Maliwal as a Member of Parliament  should  know that she can’t enter the residence of the Chief Minister without his permission and prior appointment is a norm as elsewhere. Her entering the Kejriwal’s residence without permission, is a criminal trespass under section 448 Indian Penal Code to enter anyone’s house without the owner’s permission. If Swati wanted to meet Kejriwal at his residence she should have sought an appointment by calling him or the staff. Evidently she did not do this, but simply barged into his house and created a ruckus. She evidently thought that being an MP she need not follow any law and could do anything.

Kejriwal’s personal assistant Bibhav Kumar too had filed a written complaint with the police stating that Swati Maliwal illegally entered the chief minister’s residence and created a security breach. Its ‘noteworthy that Delhi Police didn’t act of his complaint.  He stated in this complaint that Swati came to the chief minister’s residence and sought permission to enter. After the security officer at the main entry ascertained her identity, she told the security officer to allow her to enter as she had an appointment with the chief minister.The complainant said the security officer, after checking appointments records, told her that there was no such appointment on record, but she “forcefully entered the CM residence despite the objections of the staff”. Kumar said the MP abused the CM’s office staff and “stormed out of the waiting area and entered the main building of CM residence.” Kumar said he requested Swati to follow the procedure for meeting the CM but she hurled abuses at him. He also alleged that she rushed towards him “with the intent to push him away.”

All this happening within two days of Arvind Kejriwal of release from Tihar Jail led to sharp reactions and responses. While the AAP leaders admitted that Swati was “misbehaved with” and assured that Chief Minister Kejriwal will definitely take action against the culprit. But the opposite happened. After this incident, Bibhav Kumar was seen with Kejriwal on his tour. Other parties condemned this and said that when action had to be taken against the culprit, then why roam around with him?

AAP leader and minister in the Delhi cabinet Atishi Marlena has alleged that the BJP had sent Swati to Kejriwal’s residence as a trap. Who spoke the truth, is not easy to decipher.  The case is now under trial and the courts are the best to decide that.

Swati Maliwal has been in news for long,  in an order dated

April 29, Department of Women and Child Development (WCD)deputy director Navlendra Kumar Singh said Maliwal, who was then chairperson of the DCW, had appointed staff on contract without the government’s permission.“Taking cognisance of these irregularities and illegalities made by DCW, the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor approved the proposal of the (WCD) department that appointments of contractual staff engaged in DCW without having sanctioned posts and following due procedures is void-ab-initio and cannot be allowed to continue,” Singh said in the order.

Meanwhile, there are speculation that Swati Maliwal’s Rajya Sabha ticket is being given to someone else, hence she has retaliated in her own way. Others believe that she has been planted by BJP to further tighten the trap around Arvind Kejriwal. As Kejriwal has alleged in his Liquor scam case where he has stated that Reddy brothers were arrested and then made to state against him; that led to his arrest. With Bibhav Kumar now under arrest, this can’t be ruled out. Also, Swati Maliwal could have been

Looks like the matter is not going to cool down so soon. Why did this kind of controversy happen? The real reason is only known to the Swati Maliwal. However, it is certain that this matter will drag on for long.





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