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The Studies show we saved many millions of lives if we hadn’t locked down?

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Published on July 02, 2020 with No Comments

Scientists say mandatory masking could help us avoid future lockdowns.

Nobody likes a lockdown, but two new studies show how many millions of lives around the world lockdown measures have saved. And research is suggesting masks might be the way to avoid another lockdown.

Two studies published in the journal Nature calculate up the number of lives that were saved by aggressive lockdown measures.

First Study from the University of California Berkeley, looked at six countries around the world, including China, the U.S., South Korea, Iran, France and Italy, and found that without lockdown measures, a half a billion more people would have been infected, with millions of deaths as a result.

Second study that looked at 11 European countries found that lockdown measures saved more than three million lives.

Epidemiologist Dr. David Fisman from the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health said these findings mirror what he and his colleagues discovered when they looked at how effective the timing of lockdown measures were in Ontario. If the lockdown had occurred one month later, there would have been around 15,000 deaths, which doesn’t even include long-term care homes, “as opposed to the 600 or so that we’ve had from the community.” 

If, as we open up the economy, the virus starts spreading out of control again like it did prior to the lockdown, then Fisman said masks likely wouldn’t be enough to halt the spread and to prevent us from tipping over into exponential growth. For that, he said, we needed a lockdown. 


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