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The store owners in Toronto brutally beaten after forcing customer out for not wearing the mask

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Published on May 29, 2020 with No Comments

Police looking for 4 men after assault in downtown convenience store.

Zhao Guang Yu’s face is still bruised from the night four men attacked him and his wife in their Toronto convenience store last month, hitting them and stomping on his face as he was lying on the ground.

It’s painful for Xue Lin to hear her own bloodcurdling screams on video from a surveillance camera outside their store, as attackers allegedly pummelled her husband.
Inside, Lin was shielding Yu with her body as the men battered him against the ice cream freezer, she says  — but that didn’t stop the men from beating her as well.

Minutes earlier, Lin says, the couple had forced a combative customer out after she refused to wear a mask. The attackers came in apparent retribution, after the customer told the men she was “hit” for “no reason,” according to the sound on the surveillance video.

None of the altercation with the customer, or the attack by the four men, is visible on camera, but some of it can be heard on the audio.

Lin says she felt helpless during the attack; her mind was blank, as she desperately tried to protect her husband.

“Four guys, tall guys,” she said. “Of course we can’t do anything.”

Lin and Yu have insisted all customers wear a mask since early in the COVID-19 pandemic, even before mass closures started in March. The couple own Levol Convenience Food Mart on Dundas Street West, just south of Kensington Market. 

They opened in 2016, and Lin says she always remembers her customers after they’ve been in a few times.
She says she doesn’t scare easily, even while working alone at night with customers who can sometimes get difficult

But after the incident, to avoid conflict, she says they keep the door to the shop locked at night, and only open it to people wearing a mask. 

Lin notices more people taking precautions against COVID-19 in recent weeks, though some people still argue with the mandatory mask policy.

Lin says there were two previous times that she had to grab people and call police when unmasked customers refused to leave. 

“We don’t want fighting,” said Lin, adding she usually tries to handle the situation herself before calling police.


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