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The Resignation was always there

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Published on December 20, 2019 with No Comments

It was quiet evident that Andrew Scheer was going to leave, even though after the drubbing received at the federal election of 2019, he had said, “Nobody is more disappointed in the results than me and nobody is more eager to get it right the next time.” Andrew Scheer had expressed his desire, willingness to continue as the leader and that too with focus on the “next” federal elections. Conservative leader was given a respite by the Conservative MPs who decided to leave Andrew Scheer’s fate to party members and not invoke their right to remove him as leader. 

However, there was silent dissent brewing within the party and within a week of the election results, the verbal signs of the same became quiet evident. The first sign of the same came from none other than Peter MacKay. “What went wrong? Well I’m going to be very honest with you: I think there were a number of issues that became very prevalent in this election that nobody other than the politicos wanted to talk about.” With many more leaders with the party expressing views similar to Mackay’s, the only question for Andrew Scheer was when? In a election, where the Canadians were not awed by either Justin Trudeau, or Andrew Scheer. The opposition leader lost opportunities to address issues like, abortion and same sex marriage “He wasn’t able to deftly deal with those issues when the opportunities arose and I think among female voters in particular, and those who would have been impacted by any re-visitation it created a nervousness or took them out of their comfort zone, if they voted Conservative,” MacKay had said after the Conservatives lost a golden opportunity to grab power at Ottawa.  

The time to resign by Andrew Scheer was tactical, but directed more at history than at the future of the party. Andrew Scheer announced his departure as Conservative leader on the eve of a significant political anniversary in Canada. Forty years ago, on Dec. 13, 1979, the Conservative minority government of Joe Clark fell, setting in motion a chain of events that would transform the two big political parties in Canada for decades to come. However this time, this may not hold good.  

Scheer’s fate was sealed when the Conservative Party with him as its figurehead, lost an election that was so very, very much there for the winning. Despite facing a Liberal leader knee deep in Scandals.Justin Trudeau have had tough time as the head of the government with SNC Lavalin scandal, and on personal front his tour of India, black/brown face revelations. Scheer could not capitalize on the same but for Alberta/Saskatchewan section of the Prairies.

The race to replace Scheer is expected to be crowded, with former cabinet ministers with Prime Minister Stephen Harper-Peter MacKay, Rona Ambrose, James Moore, Erin O’Toole, Lisa Raitt, and Pierre Poilievre among the names being cited by  political pundits. However, the Conservatives need to remember that they would have to grab power in the next election. They are going to need to a leader with true leadership skills as the party can’t afford to lost yet another Federal election or else it would move to oblivion.

Conservatives would be looking forward to have someone, who can show  path to the party, can motivate the Members of the Parliament and other cadres to raise pertinent issues and keep the government in check. And above all, consolidate the base among its voters.


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