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“The NDP is committed to making family reunification for parents and children a priority”

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A champion for progressive public policy, Adaoma Patterson has held key volunteer roles with the United Way of Peel Region, Jamaican Canadian Association, and Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance. She is also Vice-President of the Horace Patterson Scholarship Foundation, a charity dedicated to her father’s memory. I She has lived in Brampton West with her 13 year old son for almost 13 years.

In 2010, Adaoma was named as a 2010 DiverseCity Fellow, and in 2014 as Volunteer of the Year by the Jamaican Canadian Association. She is a well-respected and popular facilitator and speaker at local events. In an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections, the NDP candidate from Brampton West “Adaoma Patterson shares

  1. What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. Brampton West is a diverse, rapidly growing community with a large number of young families & small businesses. Access to affordable childcare, lowering the tax rate for small businesses and creating local good paying jobs are key parts of the NDP plan to ensure Brampton West individuals and families get ahead.
  3. One important issue that NDP Leader  Tom Mulcair should address during campaign that you think can give Liberals a competitive advantage?
  4. Tom Mulcair is a principled leader who has proven he is willing to stand up for all Canadians and do what is right. The NDP is the only party to speak out against Bill C51, the new anti-terrorism legislation which divides our communities and impinges on our freedom. If elected, we will repeal it. Canadians know that after ten years of Steven Harper, scandals & lack of transparency preceded by years of Liberals’ broken promises, it is time for change. Tom Mulcair and the NDP offer the kind of positive progressive change we need in Brampton & Canada.
  5. What would you do to make Canada better for Immigrants?
  6. Canada was and is a country of immigrants who have made Canada stronger. After ten years of Stephen Harper, the pathway to citizenship is much harder especially with the passage of Bill C24, the new immigration bill. The NDP led the way in opposing this bill.

The NDP is committed to making family reunification for parents and children a priority, speed up processing times, restore $30 million to the Foreign Credentials Recognition program & create an ombudsman to resolve complaints. In addition, our plan to strengthen the economy through tax cuts for small businesses & significant investments in infrastructure will create local jobs for immigrants and other Canadians.


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