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“The Liberal’s historic infrastructure investment plan has given Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party a competitive advantage.,”

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Kamal Khera, the Liberal candidate from Brampton West

A registered nurse, community volunteer and a political activist, Kamal Khera is passionate about improving the lives of those around her and is committed to being a strong voice for change for all residents in Brampton West.

A first-generation Canadian, Kamal immigrated to Canada from Delhi, India at a very young age. She attended York University where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology with Honours and her Bachelors of Science in Nursing with Honours.

Drawn to assisting others, Kamal gained diverse experience within the field of Health through her professional experience with Centre of Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH), Peel Family Shelter, and William Osler Health Centre. Kamal presently works as a Registered Nurse in the Oncology Unit at St Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto, which gives her a deep understanding of the issues that impact individuals every day.

Kamal is an active member of her community, serving as Chairperson of South Asian Canadians Heritage Foundation, Mentor and Program Coordinator at Big Brother Big Sister of Peel, and Event Coordinator with Sick Kids Foundation. She also hosted ‘Youth Vision’ – a local TV talk show which explored issues surrounding young South Asian Canadians. “My parents made great sacrifices so that I could live the Canadian dream. With hope and hard work, Canada helped my family reach its true potential. Today, I am a registered oncology nurse, and my brother serves as a member of Royal Canadian Airforce,” said Kamal Khera, the Liberal candidate from Brampton West in an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections and provides other insights to other plans.

What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?

  1. A. Three core issues I hear about time and time again while knocking on doors are: health care, immigration, and the lack of well-paying jobs. We need to defend and improve our health care system. The federal government refuses to provide adequate and sustainable long-term funding for health care. As a registered nurse and community volunteer, I have seen first-hand how the funding system fails to meet the needs of families in Brampton West. I have met families that have been torn apart by the exclusionary immigration policies of the Conservatives. The Liberal party will double the number of new applications allowed each year, for parents and grandparents, from 5,000 to 10,000 and give immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada.
    Our country’s infrastructure deficit puts a large burden on high-growth communities like Brampton. This reduces the quality of life for residents and makes it difficult to create sustainable, well-paying jobs in our community.  The Liberals will invest $125 billion in critical infrastructure projects to create jobs and make life easier for middle class families.

I’m running for a party that has a real plan. Our historic Liberal infrastructure investments will improve transit in Brampton, build clean infrastructure, and create good-paying jobs to support and strengthen the middle class. The Liberals will repeal Bill C-24 and make immigration more compassionate and inclusive. And the Liberals will work with the provinces to ensure Canadians get the best health care possible.

  1. One important issue that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau should address during campaign that you think can give Liberals a competitive advantage?
  2. Our country is in a recession.  Interest rates are low and middle class Canadians are struggling to find meaningful well-paying employment.  The government needs to make a significant infrastructure investment to kick start our economy.  The Liberal’s historic infrastructure investment plan has given Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party a competitive advantage.  We plan to invest in roads, bridges, public transit, social and green infrastructure. We will double the amount that the Harper Conservatives have budgeted for infrastructure.  This investment will address the infrastructure deficit and create jobs.
  1. What would you do to make Canada better for Immigrants?
  2. Immigration reform is a one of the main planks of the Liberal platform.  Immigrants are nation builders and are a critical component of the Canadian economy, culture, and society.  Since 2007, processing times for spousal and child applications have increased 70 percent.  Processing times for parent and grandparent applications have increased 500 percent under the Harper Conservatives. Doubling the budget for family class immigration is the first step in reversing the damage Harper has done to our immigration system. The Liberals will double the number of new parent and grandparent applications allowed each year to 10,000.  We will grant immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada.  Additional points will also be granted to applicants with Canadian siblings under the express entry system.  The maximum age of dependents will be restored from 19 to 22, allowing Canadians to bring their children to Canada.

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