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The Leaders who stand out!

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“Doctors, nurses, municipal workers, airport staff and hundred thousand of other remarkable workers who have been at the forefront of fighting COVID-19 are unsung heroes. They too are the true world leaders.”

The new world order! Adjust to a new life as fear of Covid-19 grows by the day, businesses temporarily shut, people socially distancing themselves and looking at figures that at times seem to provide a hope and on other occasion provide a deadly state of affairs.

Going by the various steps taken by the various governments, authorities few leaders stand out as a role model today against the ‘invisible enemy’, Covid-19, the disease caused by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, that has spread from Wuhan, China to almost all corners of the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to quarantine himself as soon as his wife returned from London. Mrs Trudeau later tested positive.  Prime Minister Trudeau reinforced his statement, “At this point out strongest recommendation is for Canadians to be involved in keeping themselves and their families safe.” Asking people to change their approach was best manifested by this action of Prime Minister Trudeau.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi led India at a Video Conference of all SAARC members to chalk out a strong common strategy to fight COVID-19.  Prime Minister Modi said that the SAARC countries can lead the way in the fight against the deadly virus and set an example for the world. “I would like to propose that the leadership of SAARC nations chalk out a strong strategy to fight coronavirus. We could discuss, via video conferencing, ways to keep our citizens healthy. Together, we can set an example to the world, and contribute to a healthier planet,” he said. This has been an exemplary step by Prime Minister Modi, despite the nation not too good relationship with Pakistan over Kashmir  and Bangladesh over Rohingya refugees. His proactive step for all South Asian, has reinforced the view that a virus that has become a pandemic doesn’t know the borders, doesn’t distinguish among caste and creed, has no information about the nationalities, but has the ability to hit hard whosoever comes in contact with it.

India has been able to successfully evacuate it’s people from China, and last week it won accolades when Indian medical teams were sent to Coronavirus-affected Italy and Iran where they collected samples from more than 1,200 Indian nationals who want to return to the country. India added another feather in its cap, when over 450 Indian nationals evacuated from Iran reached Jaisalmer onboard two Air India aircraft. All these people have been kept in a wellness center operated by the army after a medical check-up. Earlier India had managed to get 211 Indian students off from Italy, a country that is under lockdown. The work done at the diplomatic level by India and at ground level by Italy speaks volumes of the efforts put in.  

Doctors, nurses, municipal workers, airport staff and hundred thousand of other remarkable workers who have been at the forefront of fighting COVID-19 are unsung heroes. They too are the true world leaders.

While the war has been against Covid-19 has been going on all front. A group of Canadian scientists who have successfully isolated and grown copies of the novel coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, paving the way for a potential vaccine. Isolating the virus by these scientists will help develop treatments, vaccines and tests for the virus and allow them to conduct long-term research to understand the biology of COVID-19. They do deserve an applause.  The team, made up of scientists from Sunnybrook Hospital, McMaster University and the University of Toronto, used samples taken from two Canadian COVID-19 patients to replicate the virus in a level three containment facility at the University of Toronto in a matter of weeks. Dr. Samira Mubareka, microbiologist and infectious diseases physician at Sunnybrook having access to the virus will allow researchers to start working on potential solutions to the pandemic before the outbreak peaks in Canada.

Even though the fight against COVID-19 is at Initial stage, Prime minister Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Modi and this team of scientists do deserve an applause and they seem to have personified what John F. Kennedy had said,  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 


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