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The “INVINCIBLE” gives in

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Published on December 01, 2021 with No Comments

Prime Minister of India is known for surprising the Indians, be it the move to demonetize, or getting passed the three farmer laws without letting the bills go for voting. His latest move to repeal the three contentious farms laws was even more surprising as he and his cabinet colleagues and also the members of the ruling party have been fighting the protestors tooth and nail. And first time in the history  that the kith of a state minister was involved in mowing down protestors of the farm laws! The reason for withdrawing the farm laws can only be best known to Narendra Modi, however enacting and latter withdrawing the same are worst decision of the present government. He presents himself weak and ineffective, and no longer he seems to be invincible. Modi’s  announcement has been generally seen and analysed in the context of impending assembly elections in the states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in early 2022. There is no doubt that the kind of resistance  that the farmers have been putting is, a major damage to the to the electoral prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was being caused, forcing Prime Minister Modi to take a U-turn. It would be wrong to think that Prime Minister Modi took the action to address the plight of the protesting farmers-where close to eight hundred of them lost lives. However, the repeal should serve as a soft lesson for the Modi government to respect the parliamentary democracy and federal structure of India. The way in which the three laws were rushed through the two Houses of Parliament show the importance that the government gives to the parliamentary processes.  Agriculture is a state subject but the centre government opted to enact laws. The government faced charges that businessmen like the Ambanis or the Adanis are all set to capture the storing, transport and marketing of farm produce,  proved that the crony capitalism, nepotism and profiteering have gone deep down in the political system of India. And in order to counter the criticism Prime Minister Modi took the unusual step once again to repeal the laws. On the hugely significant day of Gurpurab, he reversed course and  humbly declared he was “apologising to the nation,” adding, “let’s make a fresh start” on the agricultural laws. Possibly the BJP had also been rattled by its crushing defeat in West Bengal in May. While repealing the law, the let his image of invincibility get shattered.

Indians didn’t think that Modi would repeal the three agricultural farm laws after more than a year and just pretend as if nothing has happened.  The media that supports him blindly was it’s best calling it a master stroke and for days started building an opinion in favour of BJP in various forthcoming elections, and it was obvious that the decision was prompted to gain few lost grounds in Punjab and Uttarpradesh specially after having lost miserably in assembly elections at West Bengal.

However, it has not been an easy ride for the government, as the protesting  farmers have made it clear that they will not leave the sites till the law is repealed in the parliament. It goes to show not only the resilience of the protestors but also the level of confidence that the farmers have in their Prime Minister. The backlash has been intense that Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to defer implementation of contentious labour reforms until elections next year amid reports that now Muslims plan a stir to pressurize him for repealing of Citizen Amendment Act.


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