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The evolution of Rahul Gandhi

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Published on June 14, 2024 with No Comments

The General Elections in India are over and more than the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), it’s the opposition party that has reasons to rejoice. It has doubled its tally in the Lok Sabha as compared to 2019. After good ten years it would officially have the seat of the Leader of the Opposition in the lower house. And the way Rahul Gandhi has evolved as a leader has given the Congress party more than just a ray of hope.

If there is one person who has been at the constant receiving end of BJP, it is Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. The BJP had invested a lot in its IT cell to discredit the Congress party over its seven decades of rule and to create an image of Rahul Gandhi as a “good for nothing leader”. Senior leaders in the BJP had often called Rahul Gandhi a “Pappu” at various press conferences, rallies and even within the house proceedings.

Rahul, who will turn 54 in June this year, has finally arrived on the national scene, earning the respect and dignity he deserves. Though the numbers in this election may just not give an indication of the emerging leader in Rahul Gandhi, however the way he has conducted himself over the last three years speak volumes of his creditability. From walking length and breath of the country to the recent election campaign, the Indians have sign Rahul Gandhi’s real mettle.

The Congress, in turn, has found a leader whose political impulse can be trusted. However, if one looks at the political campaigns over the last few years, Rahul Gandhi it seems it not someone the BJP can call a “pappu” anymore. Even social media has been abuzz i of him being an alternative to Prime Minister Modi. Though, it is premature to call him the best option or the only alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but it is the fierceness with which he has taken unfounded criticism and responded in kind to his critics in spite of the personal attacks that make him a good alternative. Moreover, his outward nature who cares about the poor are also qualities that have defined him.

Another feather in the cap of the Rahul Gandhi is the way he has been able to reestablish the Congress IT wing. They remained focus on the BJP and its failure. There was no negative campaign by Congress. It did not target Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rather it emphasised on its manifesto and criticised policies of the Narendra Modi government. Above all Rahul Gandhi is asking the right questions, his interaction with media is pleasant and is getting a right coverage in media. All this has given Rahul Gandhi a new image. He is taken more  seriously,and is constantly questioning the ruling dispensation as any opposition should do.

Though Mallikarjun Kharge is now the Congress President, the Congress party’s social media accounts are also filled with clips of Rahul Gandhi taking on the BJP. It is an indication that even though he may not be holding the top post, he is still at the helm of things. From videos or snaps of him walking with people to interacting with common people, his strength now stems from his ability to be a leader who is free to interact with masses and listens to their problems.

The Congress, which tanked in 2019 with just 52 Lok Sabha seats (out of 543), made an impressive comeback with 99 out of the 230-odd seats for the INDIA bloc in the Parliamentary elections. And Rahul Gandhi seems to be finally emerging as a credible alternative to lead the nation. For a change, there is an answer to, ‘If not Modi then who?’.

The more important thing about Congress scion Rahul Gandhi has been his approach to issues, and a very human way of interacting with common people. In a country filled with entitled politicians who prefer to stay aloof from the masses, once elected.  Rahul Gandhi has turned out to be a leader that the Indians also want- a leader they can talk to and walk with.

He also won both of the Lok Sabha seats he contested this time, one of which was the crucial Rae Bareli seat in Uttar Pradesh with a majority of over 3.9 lakh votes over his BJP rival.





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