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Tharoor slams Kerala Congress chief for questioning his loyalties

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Published on August 30, 2019 with No Comments

Show me a Kerala leader who can match my contribution to Congress, Shashi Tharoor hits back at state party chief questioning his loyalties.


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who has been in the eye of the storm over ‘Modi praise’, has responded to the letter from KPCC President Mullapally Ramachandran seeking his explanation on the controversy. Mullapally Ramachandran had asked Tharoor to explain the circumstances under which he ‘praised Modi’. In response, Tharoor said that he is astonished to hear that Ramachandran believes he praised PM Modi.

“I am astonished to hear that you believe that I have sought to “justify Prime Minister Modi”. I would be grateful if you could point to the precise statement I have made that does that because I have done no such thing,” reads the letter. Further, he challenged Ramachandran to find one Kerala leader who has made at least 10 per cent of the effort made by him.

“On the contrary, I would urge you to look at the Parliament debates of the recently-concluded eight-week session of the Lok Sabha and find me one leader from our state who has made 10 per cent of the effort I made to study, research, anticipate and oppose the Modi Government on every bill they sought to introduce against the spirit of our Constitution and the values of the Congress Party. “I intervened more than 50 times in the Parliament and spoke against 17 bills with courage and conviction. Can any of my critics from Kerala say they have done so? Who on earth can credibly accuse me of a volte face from the stand I took when I sat alongside you in the last Lok Sabha?”

In the letter, Tharoor also elaborated on why he believes in constructive criticism. “Should be praised when he says or does the right thing” is not praise for PM Modi. It is an argument for the Congress, for whom Jairam Ramesh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi and I are all strong voices, to enhance its credibility with fair-minded voters who abandoned us for the BJP but can be won back again.”

Finally, he ends the letter by reiterating that he has been a strong critic of Narendra Modi. Also, he urged his colleagues in the party to respect his approach even when they didn’t agree with it. “In summary, let me say that I have been a strong critic of the Modi government, and I hope a constructive one. My staunch defence of inclusive values and constitutional principles has won me three elections. I am second to none in working for the party’s values in Parliament. I urge my fellow Congressmen from Kerala to respect my approach even when they don’t agree with it.”



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