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Supermarkets on the wheels get ready to roll into neighborhood like the giant ice cream trucks.

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Published on May 07, 2020 with No Comments

Consumers are being offered a growing number of new ways to bring home the bacon, along with fresh produce, eggs, milk and whatever is else on their grocery lists.

Instead of waiting in line outside a supermarket, or trying to secure a slot with one of the grocery delivery apps — which have been slammed with demand during the COVID-19 lockdown — new startups and established companies alike are eager to offer Canadians a fresh alternative.

The grocery industry is highly competitive and has been moving online for some time, but it now appears the competition will be intensifying further, with a range of new entrants looking to help Canadian shoppers buy from the safety of their homes.

“We’ll have technology to tell you when it’s pulling up, or to notify you to where the grocery truck is,” he says. “It will be like the ice cream truck when it pulls up: it will create that type of experience.” He says the vehicles will be in service by summer.

Then there’s Sysco, one of the country’s biggest distributors of food products to restaurants and hotels, which has just started to offer delivery to regular households with a new program called sysco@home.

Grocery Neighbour’s Sinopoli says the ultimate goal is to have 1,000 grocery trucks country-wide, although there will be just three in the Toronto area to start. The company is currently working to outfit trucks with shelves and refrigerated compartments. Neighbourhoods will be alerted via text message when the truck is set to arrive in their area.


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