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Summer fun security tips

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Published on June 26, 2015 with No Comments

Keep your cabin and boathouse safe and secure with these tips.
As summer approaches and people begin to make use of their cottages and boats, it’s important to keep safety and security in mind while enjoying the warmer weather.

If you’re packing up for a weekend trip to the cottage, there are several things to remember when it comes to keeping your seasonal home safe throughout the summer and into the fall.
“With summer homes and cottages only being occupied a few months out of the year, they are much more vulnerable to break-ins than a typical home,” said Steve Kolobaric, Marketing Manager, Weiser. “Taking a few proactive steps can be the difference between your cottage being at risk or being passed by.”

Weiser, manufacturers of innovative, high quality and secure door locksets, suggest the following security tips for your cottage and boathouse:

Install light timers -Take advantage of the summer weekends at the cottage, but when you’re not there, keep your cottage looking lived in by installing a few light timers both inside and outside. This not only lights up the area to deter would-be burglars, but also makes it look like someone ishome.

Remove all valuables – When planning a trip to the cottage be sure to leave any important valuables at home and safely locked away. If you have a TV, computer or other expensive items in your cottage consider bringing them all home with you when you close up for the season. If you’re taking everything home with you, leave the window blinds open so would-be burglars can see that there’s nothing of value to loot.

Lock up – Use a high security chain and Smartkey Padlock to secure your boat in a boathouse. These padlocks are bump proof and pick resistant, protect against pry and hammer attacks as well as sawing and cutting. Smartkey Padlocks can also be set up to use the same key as your front door so you don’t have to leave the keys to the shed “hidden” under a nearby rock.

Keep it clean – Have an agreement with a trusted neighbour to keep each other’s property clean and the grass cut when one of you is away from the cottage. Uncut grass, a dirty shoreline or fallen branches tell burglars that no one is home to clean up.

Modernize your lock system – As friends and family come and go over the summer it can be hard to keep track of keys. Forget about the dangers of hiding a key around the cottage and install a Kevo Smart Lock to authorize weekend visitors and family members using your smartphone. Or try the SmartCode 10 Touchscreen, which allows access to the cottage with a four-digit code. If you rent your cottage out you can also benefit from the Kevo by authorizing the renters for as long as they have the cottage and simply de-authorize their eKey when they are gone.

To learn more about Weiser, visit www.weiserlock.com, like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter@weiserlock.


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