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Shoe with foot inside found at Botanical Beach

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Published on February 12, 2016 with No Comments

A B.C. family visiting the west coast of Vancouver Island over the weekend found a shoe with a dismembered foot inside — the latest in a series of similar discoveries throughout the region since 2007. 

Charlotte Stephens is reported to have said that her family was walking along Botanical Beach when her husband made the grisly discovery. “He picked it up and brought it out on to the beach, and we had a look at it for about five minutes and we thought, it almost looks like there is an actual foot bone in it,” she told a leading TV channel. Investigators say it’s difficult to determine how long the shoe was in the water, but they can get a sense of when the person would have gone missing based on its style and manufacturer. The discovery is the latest in a series of disarticulated feet being found along the West Coast.

Fifteen feet have washed up on the shores of B.C. and Washington State since 2007 — the latest incident was in Seattle in 2014. 


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