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Schools in Quebec plans to have kids physically back in in fall 2020

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Published on May 22, 2020 with No Comments

Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Scenarios put forward include full and part-time schooling in the classroom.

The Quebec government is aiming to have children physically back in school in the fall, ideally full time.

“We want to get as close as possible to normalcy,” Education Minster Jean-Fran├žois Roberge said on Radio-Canada’s Tout un matin Friday. 

A working document prepared by the province, and shared Thursday with education officials and opposition parties, outlined two different scenarios for primary and secondary students.

Under the first scenario, favoured by Roberge, students would return to class full time.

The other scenario for primary students would see them returning part time, with fewer students in each class in an attempt to maintain physical-distancing rules.

Under that scenario, children would go to school twice one week and three days the next.

For secondary students, it could be half the time, or even one day out of every three in a classroom.

Quebec has reopened elementary schools outside the Montreal area.

Roberge said he hopes the first scenario, with full-time classes, will be the one adopted for September. 

But he acknowledged that would make it difficult to maintain social distancing inside the classroom, and that cafeterias would most likely remain off limits. 

“I have hope it will be accepted [by public health],” he said. “The infection curves are lowering, we’re taming the beast. I think there’s a wave of hope right now.”

He also said that school will be mandatory in the fall, and if parents choose to keep their children home they will need to follow standard homeschooling rules.


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