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Schoolgirl wrestles crocodile to save friend’s life

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Published on November 03, 2019 with No Comments

A schoolgirl in Zimbabwe has wrestled a large crocodile by jumping on its back and gouging its eyes to save her friend from the grasp of the reptile.

As per reports, a 9-year-old girl, Latoya Muwani, was attacked by a crocodile while swimming with her friends in Sinderela village. Her friend, Rebecca Munkombwe, jumped on the back of the crocodile when she heard Latoya’s screams as the reptile was pulling her away.”I was eldest among all the children who were swimming. Hence, I felt the urge to save her,” she said. Reports said the crocodile had grabbed Latoya by her hand and leg. On noticing that, Rebecca began wrestling the reptile and kept on gouging its eyes till its grip on her was loosened. “Once Latoya was free, I swam with her to the banks. The crocodile did not attack us again,” she said.  Rebecca was not injured but her friend was taken to a hospital for treatment.   Her father, Fortune Muwani said,  “I am grateful to God.Latoya is recovering well  and we expect her to be discharged soon,” he added.


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