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Rishi takes dig at Radhe Maa

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Published on August 14, 2015 with No Comments

Why call yourself Radhe Maa, why not Radhe baby or Radhe barbie?

The controversy regarding Godwoman Radhe Maa is going on and on after she was booked in an alleged dowry harassment case and post some pictures leaked online. While many known celebrities from the film industry stuck by their positive opinion about the self-styled godwoman. One of them being filmmaker Subhash Ghai who is a proud devotee of Radhe Maa He took to the social media to share how much the Radhe Maa means to him and his family. But there are few other people like Rishi Kapoor who straightforward when it came to give their opinion about some woman who claims to be god!

Rishi Kapoor earlier took potshots at Radhe Maa in a series of tweets on his official Twitter handle. Now the actor is asking, “Why call yourself Radhe Maa, why not Radhe baby or Radhe barbie?” Rishi says why would the godwoman chose to be addressed as Radhe Maa. The point he is trying to make is that the intention in not very clear here. People’s insecurity and them being emotional fools and their vulnerable state of mind in being used by such people. He upfront when it comes to say that people are being taken for a ride.

He emphasises that there is not pot of gold, and there is certainly no godwoman or godman. It is just people’s insecurity that is making them believe in the so called ‘godwoman’ Radhe Maa. He seems to be one sensible person in the B-Town to make such a statement. He questions if the followers or the one being followed is wrong? He goes on to say that he equally blame the follower. Because we blindly follow people, and it is absurd that people have the audacity to call some one as human as god!


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