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Reward for info on Rahul Gandhi’s whereabouts!

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Published on February 27, 2015 with No Comments

Congress is suffering due to ‘twin centres of power’
At a time when Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has mysteriously gone on a sabbatical, senior party leader Kamal Nath has kicked up a controversy by saying that the party has been suffering due to “twin centres of power”.
In an interview to a leading TV channel of India, Nath suggested that Rahul should take over the reins of the organisation from party president Sonia Gandhi.
“Congress is falling between the two stools of Rahul and Sonia. This cannot go on. Let’s make Rahul Gandhi the in-charge of the party. We will know if he is up to the task,” Nath said, adding: “When I go to Sonia with a problem, she says please go to RG. When I go to RG, he says Congress president will resolve the issue.”
However, senior party leader Digvijaya Singh denied that there was any rift between the two top leaders. “There is no question of differences. There is a strong bonding between them as family members,” Singh said. “They belong to two different generations. Obviously every generation has a mindset,” said Singh.
Both Nath and Singh have come out in support of elevating the Gandhi scion as the party president. “You cannot judge someone while he hasn’t been given full charge. We need to give RG full charge. Let him form his own team. We will soon find out if he can even do the job or not,” Nath said. “There is no question of Rahul running away. I rule it out. He is made of sterner stuff. I am sure that he will not run away. He will continue not only as an MP but will also play a larger role in the Congress at the national level,” Singh told yet another channel.

Reports about Rahul Gandhi’s sabbatical in Bangkok have sparked off a variety of negative and satirical reactions relating to the timing of his ‘holiday’, announced to the media recently by his mother Congress chief Sonia Gandhi herself.

In Allahabad, posters have been put up declaring a big reward for anyone giving information about the junior Gandhi’s whereabouts. “Congress ke senapati laa-pata,” (Leader of Congress missing) reads the legend on these posters. The poster, said to be the handiwork of local BJP leader carries a big photo of Rahul Gandhi and that of a BJP leader. The poster holds the promise: “Suchna dene waale ko maala maal kiya jaayega.” (The person giving information will get a huge reward.) Interestingly, the posters have also been put up outside Anand Bhavan, the ancestral house of the Nehru-Gandhi family, as also near the district Congress office.
Meanwhile, BJP MP and renowned Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari also took the opportunity to poke fun at the Congress vice-president. “He is an unmarried child. Let him roam around in Bangkok and Pataya,” he quipped while replying to reporters’ questions in Varanasi. “Why are you making such an issue about it. He has all the right to go there,” he was heard saying on a news channel, hiding his face with both his hands to suppress his laughter.
The “untimely” sabbatical, reportedly for “introspection” over the Congress party’s steeply dipping electoral fortunes, has sparked off a wave of disenchantment in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency Amethi, too.


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