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Revolt in Haryana Congress out in Public

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Published on October 06, 2019 with No Comments

Former Haryana Congress chief Ashok Tanwar publicly revolted outside party chief Sonia Gandhi’s residence here, alleging sale of party ticket. 

“There are allegations that the Sohna Assembly ticket has been fixed for Rs 5 crore,” he claimed outside the AICC headquarters where a thousand-strong gathering of his supporters sat on a daylong protest, alleging denial of nominations to “deserving” workers by a select few, a reference to state chief Kumari Selja, CLP leader BS Hooda and AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Tanwar, upset over being replaced with Selja as state  chief, addressed his loyalists outside Sonia’s house and without naming anyone took swipes at the Hooda camp. “Who gheraoed the state Assembly all these years? You and I and all Haryana Congress workers together did that. Who spread the message of harmony after some people ignited caste passions and inflamed  Jhajjar, Rohtak and other parts of the state? They were not even allowed to enter these places. We spread the message of solidarity,” Tanwar said, alleging he had given a list of over 80 candidates but hardly anyone was accommodated.

“We have assembled here to seek justice.No leadership was allowed to come up in Haryana for years. We created leaders across 36 castes but today attempts are being made to politically murder you all,” Tanwar told the gathering.

Throughout the day, Tanwar’s supporters raised slogans against Azad and Hooda. “I’m a human bomb and will take this fight to the finish. Genuine workers can’t be ignored. I’ve always faced the enemy from the front. I’ve always told the enemy that I can’t be killed just like that. You will need a bullet to kill me,” he said as his supporters questioned the party formula of repeating sitting MLAs.

There was no official reaction but top Congress sources said Tanwar had shared his list of candidates only on the eve of the first CEC meeting. Tanwar also said he was approached by the BJP six times in the past three months. “I won’t go but everyone knows how the BJP government was formed in Haryana. Many sitting BJP MLAs are ex-Congress persons who were ‘sent’ to the BJP on the election eve,” he claimed.


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