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Response is ……….TRAGIC !

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Published on April 28, 2021 with No Comments

Covid 19 is back and this time in its deadlier avtar. Most of the nations seem to be in a position to handle it as they have over an year of experience and time well utilized having ramped up its health infrastructure. Situation in India is gruesome adding 25 million patients everyday for almost last ten days. The death rate has gone beyond control as reports reveal that hospitals are full-even patients being made to share the beds, cremation grounds can’t accommodate more bodies, and black marketing of essential medicines to cure covid-19 patients is widespread and the government has failed to ensure the supply of oxygen to the hospitals. Prime Minister Narenda Modi on January 9th this year had addressed the nation. He had called India as the world’s pharmacy.  “Being the pharmacy of the world, India has supplied important medicines to all those in need in the world in the past and is also doing so now. The world is not only waiting for Indian vaccines but is also watching how India runs the world’s biggest vaccination programme,” he said. Obviously there are  contradictions in his statement and the real the present situation. And evidently there are reasons for the second wave in India going out of control. Indians not following Covid norms is a prime reason. What made them look relaxed? Complacency on  the part of Indian leadership. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues became complacent and went back to what they do best-elections rallies.  These rallies were organized with no regards whatsoever for the covid protocol. India’s complacency was so appalling. The Election Commission decided to hold the West Bengal assembly polls in April, which saw massive political campaigns with large crowds at Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and J.P. Nadda’s rallies.  Lakhs of people attended them with no masks and no sign of social distancing. It appeared like Covid never hit India.   What brought this kind of gratification?  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s love for global praise. In order to activate that global praise, he doesn’t mind doing chest thumping.  By January 2021, India started celebrating about succeeding in conquering  the virus under Narendra Modi’s able decision-making. India surprisingly showed a low death rate of about 1.5 per cent. The Indian immune system just fought the virus better. And therefore, people survived. At a time, when many countries were reporting a new variant and second wave, India was seeing the flattening of the curve and the time for right to prepare to the second wave. It was bound to come, but when it would hit India that was the only uncertainty. But the government there in India was more concerned about winning elections, and that too a seven phase election in one state having 244 seats. The euphoria of these election drowned the cries of the patients that India denied the possibility of a second wave and an Indian Variant.  Whether no one saw it coming or no one wanted to see it coming in India is a question which the present government would not like to address.  The sheer casualness shown by the government and people of India is truly tragic.  India’s battle against Covid seems to be having an anti climax.


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