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Rekha wears sindoor for Big B!

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Published on February 27, 2015 with No Comments

On various occasions, Rekha was spotted wearing a sindoor on her forehead. Being a widow, she sports vermillion and it is regarded that it is Rekha’s style statement but veteran actor and ‘Bigg Boss 8’ Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali Issar’s latest remark on Rekha wearing sindoor has added a new angle to the story. She in an interview with a TV channel of India said that Rekha wears sinodor for Big B.

The reason behind Puneet Issar’s wife targeting Rekha is ‘Bigg Boss 8’. When the evergreen beauty appeared on the show to promote her new outing, ‘Super Nani’, she totally snubbed Puneet Issar. Though the actual reason for ignoring Puneet Issar is not known, it is speculated that Rekha snubbed Puneet for the ‘Coolie’ accident in which Big B was seriously injured and was almost on the dying bed. He had to undergo three stomach operations at the time.

Rekha holds Puneet responsible for the fatal incident. While shooting a fighting sequence, Puneet punched Issar which proved fatal for Big B.

During her ‘Bigg Boss 8’ visit, she was clearly seen avoiding Puneet and being a little rude to Puneet. Rekha even told Puneet, “’Aur kitne gunaah karenge aap” (how many crimes would you do more). Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali Issar is apparently miffed with Rekha’s disrespectful attitude towards her husband and she now vents her anger on Rekha for passing the disgraceful comment.Rekha and Amitabh’s alleged love story is always been a matter of ardent interest. The couple sparked chemistry on reel as well. They worked on couple of blockbusters in the past and last starred in YRF’s blockbuster, ‘


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