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Rahul’s Resignation – opportunity to restructure Congress!

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Published on July 12, 2019 with No Comments

In most democracies, a politician who has just led his or her party to a defeat prefers to steps aside thus taking responsibility for the defeat and letting the party evolve around a new leader.  Leader of Congress Party of India Rahul Gandhi took the same decision after receiving a drubbing at the hands of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and his reaction has been received with shock by Congressmen. There are young leaders threatening to go on fast undo death, Chief Ministers of five Congress ruled states have gone and submitted a request to Rahul Gandhi to withdraw his resignation as a party leader. Their reaction is for a reason, as the party that has ruled the most part since independence is structured around the Nehru –Gandhi family, and the leaders fel that if the family and its icon Rahul Gandhi goes, so does the party.

Rahul Gandhi’s Gandhi’s mother, father, grandmother, great-grandfather and great-great grandfather were all Congress presidents. For almost half a century, the Congress has had few power centers outside the Nehru-Gandhi family. Would the Congress — a party more than a century old, which led India’s struggle for freedom — die just because a single family stepped away from power? While Rahul’s sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra feels that Rahul Gandhi has taken a right decision. This is what she has conveyed through her tweet, “Few have the courage that you do @rahulgandhi. Deepest respect for your decision.”  

There is no doubt, that Rahul Gandhi put in a brave effort to stand against the BJP and maintained a conduct and decorum that got appreciation, but that was not good enough as the party didn’t have enough workers and a structure in important states like Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra. After the election debacle, he had seen the writing on the wall for the Congress Party. And he has shown courage to do a reality check, starting with himself and his leadership. Over the last five years, but for winning the five state elections, he has not been able to lead the party to any major electoral win. Also for the ten years, that the Congress party was in power, Rahul Gandhi shyed away from accepting any work in the government.

A strong democracy requires a strong opposition that is required to keep the checks and balances, to engage in good media debates and to have some healthy verbal discussion in the Parliament. All through the last five years, at various TV debates, the Congress party spokespersons received drubbing at the hands of the anchors that were being fed by the government and the ruling party BJP. Rahul Gandhi’s involvement in parliament was mainly confined at Raffle deal.

One of the most prominent problems that is faces is what it has nurtured  over the years- the culture that starts right from the “high command”, to the Nehru Gandhi Dynasty. It is so evident from a photograph that is currently circulating on the social media showing a 90 years old Congress veteran Motilal Vohra bowing to Rahul Gandhi in an apparent gesture of gratitude at being made the interim president of the Party.

The Congress party certainly is in need of a revamp and the resignation of the Rahul Gandhi has presented that opportunity. The nation followed the ideology of the party for a good amount of time, however the degradation started when its individuals placed themselves above the party, and the nation.  Rahul Gandhi  said that he had to take personal responsibility for the defeat and that the party needed to “radically transform” itself. Now is the opportunity to radically transform the party, a thorough cleansing and resurrection is possible and the party can perhaps structure itself to come out of the hold of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty and function more independently  and provide a suitable alternative as a opposition party.


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