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Province-wide protest is evidence that opposition to radical sex-ed is growing and will not stop

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Province-wide protest is evidence that opposition to radical sex-ed is growing and will not stop

Published on September 11, 2015 with No Comments

Thousands of parents across Ontario took to the streets during the province-wide Stop Radical Sex Ed day of protest on September 2nd. Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens rallied at 103 MPP constituency offices, spread throughout every pocket of the province. The protesters, a richly diverse mix of ethnicities, cultures, faiths, and socio-economic classes, all demanded with one voice, that their elected representative work to repeal the Liberal sex-ed curriculum.  Canadian Families Alliance, the organizer of the demonstration, a coalition of dozens of parental and community groups, said the massive protest also brought many new parents into the fight, who learned about the curriculum for the first time as result of the protests.

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“We are very pleased with the attendance, and coverage of nearly every MPP’s office.  This has re-energized and increased the ranks of the parental rights movement.” said Jotvinder Sodhi, president of HOWA Voice of Parents. “We will keep growing parental opposition in every riding until the 2018 election to make this a ballot question. MPPs must choose what they value more: Keeping their jobs by standing up for the rights of parents, or blind obedience to a party leader who insults and attacks the voters she claims to represent.”

Reports from rally leaders show very impressive civil engagement. Many ridings saw more than a hundred protestors standing up for parental rights, impressive for a week day when many would have to book time off work.  Notable ridings include:  120+ at Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office, 100+ at MPP Vic Dhillon’s office, 100+ at MPP Laura Albanese’s office, 90+ at Minister Brad Duguid’s office.

“Riding after riding, reports are coming in that communities overwhelmingly supported the parent protestors, as measured by the huge number of supportive honks by cars driving by, and an almost complete absence of negative feedback,” said Christina Liu, President of Parents Alliance of Ontario. “How’s that for consultation? It puts the lie to Premier Wynne’s claim that Ontarians are comfortable with this controversial sex curriculum.”

Protest Rally in Thorncliffe Park Drive

On 7th Sept 2015, Thorncliffe Parents Association had organized a huge protest rally in Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto to protest against the proposed radical Sex-Ed curriculum. This was attended by about 2000 parents living in this community joined by others from around GTA.

In spite of a Labor day holiday and scorching sun people came out holding placards, flags and chanting “We say No”.  The rally started from Thorncliffe park library and ended in front of School followed by speeches from representatives from Catholic, Chinese, Sikh and Muslim communities. The protest had small kids as little as toddlers, elderly people, parents and youth.

The outcome of the rally was, almost every parent who were to send their kids tomorrow to public school is thinking otherwise, they are either opting for home schooling or private schools. They are hurt by this form of democracy wherein the elected leaders are not responding to plea that the parents have put forward.


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