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Preparedness for climate change – too immature

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Published on July 07, 2019 with No Comments

Climate change is one of the top issues today for Canadians and would remain so as Canada holds its federal election in October. Why it should not be?  Under the non-binding Paris agreement 2015, Canada is committed to reducing carbon emissions to 30 per cent below the 2005 level by 2030. Emissions were 732 megatonnes in 2005. So they need to be cut to 512 megatonnes by 2030 to meet the target and thus help reduce the devastating impact of global warming. But in 2016, emissions were 704 megatonnes, just 3.8 per cent below 2005 levels. There is not much time to cut emissions by 192 megatonnes to achieve the 2030 goal.

A report from the federal government released in April warned that Canada is already warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. A month later, the United Nations said that about  a million species could go extinct because of global temperature rise and other human activities.

The Conservatives, NDP have now released plans describing how they intend to respond to the emergency of rising global temperatures, knowing well that the Greens have a strong agenda for environment. Environment would remain in focus during the election and a plan is must to address the issues and be in a better position to influence the voters. Lagging in the race are the Liberals who haven’t yet release a policy document on climate, but it is expected that it may built around the policies that the government has been following.

What do Canadians want from the climate plan that it turns out to be successful? It should apply to the entire economy, should be innovation based, accelerate renewable energy development, force individuals and companies to reduce emission and above all protect Canada’s natural landscape.

Conservative Leader Andrew  Scheer’s  “A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment” came as a measure to be line to the program as proposed by NDP and Green. The report its critics ready, “Sixty pages! 11,000 words!”  “Plan only on 33 pages,” “16 of them taken by photos of Andrew Scheer”.  However, there is a limited mention of the effects of the climate change. It does attack the Liberals, but there is no mention of urgency for action on the crisis that Canada faces. The document has a collection of photos that give an impression that the document has been created to give an impression that Conservatives do have a policy of climate change. It certainly can’t be called a document to address global warming. It finds  a repetitive mention of Scheer’s first slogan is “Green Technology, Not Taxes,” but as any plan should have actions and timelines- those are missing. The annual outcomes — the expected results — so people can decide if it’s worthwhile and working are missing too.

There is not one specific commitment to reduce emissions, no targets. He acknowledges the 2015 Paris Agreement, and says “The Paris targets are Conservative targets.” But the document offers no serious plan to meet them. As of now, though the Conservatives are working hard to stage a comeback in Canada, but their preparedness to address the climate change is too immature.


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