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Peshawer-Epitome of Valour

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Published on January 23, 2015 with No Comments

Tazeen is an accomplished journalist, with a masters degree in Mass Communication. She has her hands on both print and electronic media. Has been part of Netherland Fellowship Programme and earned experiences as Senior Producer and Editorial head in reputable News Channels of Pakistan. Also executed her talent in BBC radio service London, and blogs at Express Tribune(The Int’l Herald Tribune) and Very Bad Apple. Presently, joined a course on freelance Writing at Humber College
“Are u ok? Is it hurting? You want me to take it off,” asked the nurse to a woman who was donating blood at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawer and was half lying on a chair, as not many beds were available for the blood donors.
She refused by shaking her head sideways, but tears were falling from her eyes reluctantly, she was unable to control them.
This was the second day of the attack by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, on the Army Public school in Peshawer, which killed more than 145 people including 132 students and dozens were injured while many were fighting for life. There were traumatic calls for blood donations as more than 4 hours of siege of school and cross fire between army commandos and terrorists have made the blood loss of the injured quite inordinate.
As thousands thronged to donate blood to save those who were injured, women were not left behind too. Sadiqa, was one of them, 43 year old Sadiqa wasn’t in any physical pain while the blood sipping out of her body in to the bag, but her soul was shattered.
She lost her 14 years old in the attack, a nine grader. He was her only hope for future; still she was courageous enough to come to the Lady Reading Hospital on the other day of the attack to donate blood.
“I saw on TV that they want blood for children, they are also my children so what if I lost mine in the attack.”
“Courage runs in the family, we don’t like to mourn for Shaheeds” she exclaimed while telling one of her friend who accompanied her in this endeavour.
Her tears started running faster when she tries to hide her pain. “My son was a brave boy, I know he would have not been scared of the enemies neither when they shot him”.
She added after a pause “because he is the son of the soldier, his father gave his life against enemies in Swat operation in 2007, why would he be left behind. For him his father was his inspiration.”
Her friend who knew all this but listening to her patiently and comforted her, by patting her back.
Sadiqa said that she was unable to stay at home because it was filled with her son’s stuff and memories all over. I came out of the house because I was missing him among so many people who gathered at her place for condolence. Then she thought of coming to blood donation camp, what if I lost my child, probably my blood might save someone’s child, they all are my children” she reiterated and closed her eyes with non-stop flow of tears from her eyes.
This is not the only story of bravery as Peshawer is the epitome of courage and Pashtoons are great fighters and avengers. As Tehreek-e-Taliban(TTP) faction targeted children of army officials, that is why those who survived vows to join the Army and settle scores with the enemies who deprived them of their friends and future contenders in sports and studies. Parents are not dissuading from sending their children to school, instead vows to return them to school after holidays.


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