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Peace has to be restored

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Published on June 23, 2023 with No Comments

The unrest in the northeastern state of Manipur in India  appears to be unending, with many more incidents being reported with each passing day. The situation has been worsening by the day and has already become a challenge for the central government of India and the provincial government of Manipur, which seems not to exists. The governments appears to be out of ideas and unless immediate steps are taken, things could get completely out of hand.

The violence can be traced back to the demand of the Meitei people, who constitute the majority. They have been demanding that they too should be granted a Scheduled Tribe status under the Constitution which would bring them at par with the privileges enjoyed by other tribal populations. This has been resented by the tribals, leading to clashes between the Meitei and the Kuki communities. What started from one village has now spread to the whole state. The sharp differences, which are of ethnic, political and social nature, seem to be irreconcilable. Leading citizens of the region have appealed to the people but the reasons for the conflict seem to be extremely grim.

More than 30 days after the conflict started, union minister of India visited Manipur and held meeting with the representatives of various sections. He also urged the residents to surrender their arms, failing which the security forces would take strict action. A peace committee was constituted to help the authorities. However, nothing appears to be working and incidents of violence continue to be reported on a daily basis.

Those entrusted with the task to bring normalcy have not been able to comprehend complexities involved. Therefore, the steps they have taken have not shown much positive impact. On its part, the Centre and the State administration maintain that anyone found disturbing the peace  would be strictly dealt with. The reality is that the matter is far beyond what it is being projected as.

No responsible government can let the situation continue the way it is now.  Bringing the state under president rule is one option. Handing over the state of the army is another. The Indian Army has always lived up to the expectations of the countrymen but cannot be involved in duties which should have been done by others.

However before opting for the either of the above two. The solution through negotiations needs to be exercised.  There are social, ethnic and political dimensions which pose a challenge. The Centre must act judiciously. To ensure peace in the state of Manipur, the violence has to end. The state cannot keep on burning, and no degree of politics from any side can help in restoring normality, once things cross the limits.

The state can’t be left divided and burning and any kind of politics has to be left out. Manipur needs a solution that is effective and long lasting. Manipur needs a balm to heal and an inclusive approach. People there have to be re-assured that the rest of the country cares for them, and grievances of all sections would be addressed and taken care of.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to intervene and step in to ensure that normality returns and no further loss of lives and property takes place. What is alarming is that the unrest, which is so far confined to Manipur, could spread elsewhere in the Northeast as well. This would not only threaten the security of the country but also embolden unscrupulous neighbours to instigate the mischievous elements.



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