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Not concerned about the mood of the nation

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Published on June 10, 2024 with No Comments

On December 13th, two youth jumped into the parliament of India and threw smoke bombs. As many as 7 youngsters have been arrested from various places in India and they have claimed that they organized and carried out this to lodge their protest against unemployment and rising price rise in India. Not to forget, on the same date in the year 2001, five terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba had attacked Parliament House,
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said that the seriousness of the security breach in Parliament cannot be underestimated, and called for no squabbling over the issue amid Opposition’s protests over it in Parliament. Amid uproar over the security breach in Lok Sabha, 14 Members of Parliament from the opposition parties were suspended last week on the charge of disrupting House proceedings. On Monday, the opposition was once again on their feet asking for an enquiry into the breach. However, once again as many as 78 members of Parliament were suspended for remainder of the winter session, on December 18. This includes 33 Opposition members from Lok Sabha, and at least 45 members from the Rajya Sabha. This spree of suspensions continued for a day more and as of now 143 members from both houses of Parliament stand suspended.
Could Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha Speaker avoided the suspension? The government has asked the Opposition not to politicize the ‘grave national issue’, while all the Opposition parties are demanding a statement from the Home Minister on the pandemonium caused in the Lok Sabha by the intruders on December 13. These mass suspension threatens to derail the ongoing winter session.
The opposition has expressed concern over the security of the new parliament building, as this not only concerns the lawmakers but also the entire nation. Instead of allowing a discussion on the breach, the government prefers evasive approach on suspension. When lawmakers are suspended at the drop of a hat, their protests against alleged injustice and ‘murder of democracy’ gets far more attention.
As the opposition kept protesting outside the parliament, the government pushed through three important bills without any discussion. Bills need to be discussed in house, anomalies removed, gaps addressed before the bills become the land.
Right or wrong, Indian politicians have always been known for making noise. High decibel levels are the norm in Indian Parliament.
There are no two opinion that elected representatives are bound to maintain the dignity and decorum of the Parliament. However, mere raising of slogans and asking for debate is not a valid reason to show them the door.
At the same time, the elected representatives have a duty towards those who elected them. None of the elected representatives have asked for a debate on the issues raised by the intruders. The accused took the step as they were upset with issues like unemployment, farmers’ troubles and Manipur violence. They told the police that they used the color smoke to draw attention so that lawmakers have discussions on these issues. All the accused are students and are unemployed and their parents work as laborer’s, farmers and shopkeepers.
The elected leaders in India are not concerned for these reasons that the intruders have raised with their gesture. Not a small step by any means. Their message should have been understood as a mood of the nation, but the ruling party is busy in suspending members of the opposition and the opposition parties are now not in a condition to even enter the parliament.


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