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NDP will save Hydro One at all cost

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Horwath launches consultation on improving health care in Ontario

Published on June 12, 2015 with No Comments

Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats has been working tirelessly and raising issues that affect Ontarians directly. Andrea Horwath while addressing members of the National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada maintained that Ontario’s strength is in its diversity. “Immigrants bring with them their cultures and willingness to integrate and that makes Ontario a powerhouse of diversity and talent,” said Andrea. She has been holding packed town hall meetings across the province, where Ontarians have said they can’t afford to pay the price for Kathleen Wynne’s scheme to sell-off Hydro One. On being asked what she would have done to stop sale of Hydro One, she presented anall-inclusive approach that included “capping of the salary of the CEO’s, reducing small business taxes and increasing corporate taxes nominally.” She believes that Hydro One is a jewel of the province and property of the people and the Premier was dishonest to the people of Ontario when she said she will never sell Hydro one. Andrea asserts to say that her party “would save it at all cost”.
Andrea Horwath trusts that NDP has good chances of winning in Ontario. “I am very happy about the win of NDP in Alberta. People said that NDP could never win in Quebec, but today NDP has. Certain parties maintained that NDP would never have power at the federal level but today NDP is sitting in opposition”, said Andrea Horwath. “Time has a way of giving people perspective and we are sure Mulcair will win this time,” she expressed with confidence.

Commenting on the problems faced by immigrants Andrea Horwath finds too many systemic barriers in education, politics and employment. “Nothing has changed in the last 25 years. Employment agencies for the last 10 years have been exploiting the immigrants. This happens due to public policy and sometimes due to lack of public policies, one person gets paid $22 per hour and the next person ispaid $11.25 per hour- how unfair is that?,” said Andrea Horwath. She wants the Fairness Commission to get to the terms with the real issues, “In 2007 Fairness commission was organized but what are they doing? This will change only if leaders of different ethnicity are elected from different parts of society to represent them.


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