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NDP misused Parliament Hill resources

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Published on May 01, 2015 with No Comments


The NDP is facing new accusations of abusing its Parliament Hill resources by running its union office out of the Opposition Leader’s office in Ottawa.

“We see they’ve completely blurred the lines, using taxpayers money to fund their union operations out of their leaders office. It seems very bizarre,” said Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc.

The NDP has strong labour ties and is the only political party with unionized staff. After the party’s 2011 election breakthrough, staffing levels swelled.

More than 500 employees pay roughly $25 in union dues each paycheck, but its local union office that represents them does not pay rent.

A leading TV channel the agreement between the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada and the NDP Federal Caucus. It states the NDP “Caucus will provide office space for CEP local 232,” and get access to all the resources that come with it.

Conservative MP Paul Calandra believes the NDP has breached those rules.

“It’s yet another example of really what’s becoming a troubling pattern of abuse by the NDP,” he said at a televised program.The NDP is currently fighting a ruling by the Board of Internal Economy to repay millions for using House of Commons resources to fund its partsian satellite offices.


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