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Mississauga man owes $800K in medical bills

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Published on October 06, 2019 with No Comments

As travel insurance claim denied

A Mississauga man who took a trip to Las Vegas now owes a U.S. hospital more than $800,000 in Canadian funds after his travel medical insurance claim was denied.

Clifford MacAuley has said that when he took his trip in July, he thought he had the proper travel insurance. When he went to Las Vegas with his brother, MacAuley was recovering from a heart operation that took place two months earlier. Four days into the trip he had a heart attack. “They took me to the Las Vegas hospital where they pronounced me dead and then they brought me back to life.” To save his life, doctors had to give MacAuley a pacemaker. They checked to see if he had travel medical insurance before proceeding with the operation—and he did. But while MacAuley was recovering, the hospital told him his medical coverage had been denied. They gave him a bill for $662,476 U.S. , which is equal to $877,207 Canadian. MacAuley is 68 years old and on a pension. He says he can’t afford to pay the bill.

MacAuley paid $116 for the travel insurance policy with RBC. A spokesperson is reported to have said that it was a sad situation but that “Mr. MacAuley had pre-existing medical conditions and was on home oxygen prior to travel. This classified him as “not medically stable” in the six months before travel. For these reasons, Mr. MacAuley’s claim was denied.”

RBC said it had to pay $50,000 to fly MacAuley home in an air ambulance. The RBC spokesperson said people need to understand the type of coverage they’re purchasing and that 98 per cent of its travel claims are paid out to clients. MacAuley says there is no way he can pay the hospital the money. “Even if I was to live to 150 years old, I just can’t pay it back.”


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