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Leave them for the defense of the nation

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Published on March 08, 2019 with No Comments

The Indian Air Force struck inside Pakistan to destroy terror camps. The move came after the Jaish E Mohammad (JeM) a terrorist organization based in Pakistan claimed responsibility for Pulwama attack in Kashmir that left 45 paramilitary soldiers of India dead. In the early hours of February 26, 12 Mirage 2000 Indian Air Force fighter jets crossed into Pakistan and bombed a target in Balakot, a small town nestled in the hills of eastern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control (Loc) after 1971! A significant move that does show the intent to the Indian government that it’s fed up of the terror emitting from Pakistan day after day. It could have been a red letter day for India and for fight against terror has now been reduced to mockery- courtesy the kind of politicians India has.

Though the opposition parties earlier extended full support to the Narendra Modi government in India over the issue, however over the last few days chinks appear to have surface in that attempt to appear to stand united.  During his address at the India Today Conclave 2019 on March 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Today there is talk that India is missing the Rafale jets. The entire nation is saying that if India had Rafale jets today, the outcome of the recent incidents would have been something different.” His assertion has got the opposition together again but this time against him only. Well, Prime Minister Modi may not be able to ascertain what he meant by “entire nation”, however the opposition is questioning him for the delay in procuring the Rafale aircrafts. He too has scored a self goal, as by making a reference to the unacquired planes he has called the Pakistan Air Force to be better equipped.

He attacked the Opposition for “politicising” the Rafale deal and said India continue to suffer due to this. However, the opposition had questioned him on delay in procuring Raffle and indirectly calling Pakistan Air Force to be better equipped. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also being accused of shooting for a documentary film while the attack at Pulwama happened and the opposition is not leaving any stone unturned to unearth that Prime Minister Modi kept on shooting at the Jim Corbett Park even when he was made aware of the damage suffered by Indian Paramilitary Force. Even though elections have not been declared Prime Minister Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah have been carrying out extensive campaigning. Both of them have been busy in chest thumping making a reference to the attack by Indian Air Force at Balakot in Pakistan. Have realized that they have nothing good to talk about of their five years terms? Though the Indian Air Force has categorically stated that it is not bound to give the count of the terrorist killed in the attack, BJP President Amit Shah at a rally gave a figure of 250 and thus letting the opposition parties take a dig at him. Earlier, two other senior leaders of the party claimed that these air strikes would get them a particular number of seats in the next parliamentary elections. The ruling party is being criticized for using the defense forces for political gains. The ruling BJP may have some logic to defend itself, however what Manoj Tiwary the chief of Delhi Unit of BJP has done is unpardonable. He addressed a rally wearing an army jacket, when confronted he took the refuge saying, “From time to time, I wear armed forces caps, t-shirts. I feel proud to wear it.” But he has manifested what the ruling BJP has been trying to do- politicizing the sacrifice of the soldiers.

BJP should leave the army for the defense of the nation and use it for the elections.


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