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Laugh and Be Merry-Hameeta Kaur Malhotra

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Published on May 13, 2016 with No Comments

Being a habitual early morning walker, I regularly notice people laughing boisterously without any rhyme or reason. Initially, it came to me as a great surprise and looked queer for I found no reason for them to laugh at all. As I got acquainted with one of the members, I was given to understand that all of them were the active members of a laughter brigade, who laughed daily as a ritual to provide their lungs with the much-required free flow of oxygen

Living in the 21st century has made us alienated from our society. Out of day and night a joy has taken flight.  Life is trapped in the cobwebs and we are going mechanical showing no assiduity to our relationships. Life almost seems bleak and devoid of charm, forcing anyone to cry.

We all deep in our hearts miss the way we chortled, we guffawed and sometimes we fell down laughing. Nobody dies because of laughing but people can die because they are not laughing. Laughter is an instant vacation and the shortest distance between two people. It has no foreign accent and a laugh makes you find out where the joy resides and gives it a voice far beyond singing. Laughter does not help solve problems but it definitely helps dissolve problems.

To foster laughter in our lives Madan Kataria founded World laughter day which is marked on the first Sunday of May of every year. It is a harbinger of positive manifestation for world peace and with an intention to build up a consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter by gathering at a place with the sole purpose of laughing. This laughter yoga encourages unconditional chortling for psychological and physiological benefits. This giggle sharing grew extensively maintaining laughter clubs in about 105 countries. Family, friends congregate in squares, public parks and auditoriums and laugh collectively.

Frets and fumes need to be kept aside and laughing is the only remedy for it. All this indicates that a joviality of temperament and an optimistic attitude to life are unavoidable essentials for a healthy living. A healthy state of mind and a cheerful attitude helps to solve many problems and makes one fit to take on life’s innumerable depressions and, perhaps, come out victorious in the end.

Laugh and be merry. Spare a bit of your life and broach your day with healthy laughter yoga or laugh anytime you want.

Laugh Louder, Smile Bigger and Live Longer.


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