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Justin Trudeau Kicks Off Campaign Trail in Peel

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Published on August 04, 2015 with No Comments

“Liberals have built the most diverse team of candidates in Canadian history”

MISSISSAUGA – After a decade of Stephen Harper, Canadians are ready for real change in Ottawa, and only Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have the plan and the team to do just that.

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“This election is about our future, and Liberals have the plan and the team to make a real, positive difference for Canadians,” said Mr. Trudeau. “We have a real plan that will cut taxes for the middle class, so Canadians can keep more of their paycheques. We will also create one bigger, fair, automatic, and tax-free monthly benefit that will help families with the high cost of raising their kids. Nine out of ten families will get more from our plan. That’s real change.”

“Under this Conservative government, all Canadians have received is the voice of the Prime Minister in their communities,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Liberals are committed to returning a voice to all constituents, and we are very proud of both the talent and the diversity on our team.”

Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Malton and Ontario Campaign Co-Chair, Navdeep Bains, continued:  “Our team represents a rich variety of backgrounds, including: former and current municipal councillors and mayors, veterans, law enforcement, health care and business leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, and Aboriginal leaders. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Ottawa.”

With the start of the campaign this past Sunday, the Liberal Party has nominated more candidates than any other federal party.  After spending the last two and a half years building the most diverse team of candidates in Canadian history, the Liberal Party is best positioned to bring real change to Ottawa.



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