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Published on September 18, 2015 with No Comments

OTTAWA – As tonight’s Globe and Mail debate on the Economy moves on to the next topic, jobs, it’s important to remind Canadians about Justin Trudeau’s many inconsistencies, contradictions and flip-flops on this important issue:

First, Justin Trudeau said it was time to “transition away” from manufacturing (London Free Press, January 20, 2015)

The next day he called for the “federal government to step up on manufacturing.” (Windsor Star, January 21, 2015)

Of course, his sudden passion for manufacturing would be more believable if he had mentioned it more than a single time in Question Period since being elected.

In fact, he’s only proposed one job creation policy. And it’s expensive, ineffective – and when he announced it, he got the math wrong.

On issue after issue, Justin Trudeau’s inexperience is showing and it’s clear that he doesn’t have a serious plan for the economy.

Mr. Trudeau refuses to reverse Mr. Harper’s recent corporate tax cuts. He has chosen billions in deficits that unnecessarily burden future generations and put at risk the services families count on.

Tom Mulcair and the NDP’s plan will kick start the economy and help middle-class families today and for the long term. It is balanced and sustainable. Mr. Trudeau’s plan is not.


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