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Justin to repeal the Balanced Budget Act so he can plunge Canada into permanent $30-plus billion deficits

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Published on September 17, 2015 with No Comments

The Honourable Jason Kenney today outlined a massive gap of $24.7 billion in the first year – growing to $34.4 billion when fully implemented – in the costing of the Liberal’s campaign platform. Justin’s recklessness would mean permanent deficits growing to $30 billion or more.

“Canadians can’t take a risk on a leader who is just not ready and plunges us immediately back into deficit,” said Jason Kenney. “Justin’s reckless promises show that he just doesn’t understand the consequences of making rash promises.”

Justin would repeal the Federal Balanced Budget Act because he plans to run deficits permanently, not just for three years. Rather than run three $10 billion deficits, Justin’s spending promises can only be met if he runs deficits more than double that initially and more than triple that when fully implemented.

Justin has promised to take benefits away from families with children and replace them with an unaffordable scheme, to slash TFSA contributions, implement Paul Martin’s discredited Kelowna Accord, and throw billions of dollars at his reckless carbon scheme, among many other commitments Canadian families cannot afford.

“Running a national government is not an entry level job,” said Kenney. “We are living in a very fragile global economy which is precisely why we need a serious national government that is focused on job creation, fiscal discipline and lower taxes.”

Justin yet again proved he’s just not ready when he recently claimed that small business are just tax shelters for the wealthy, which is why he intends to hike their payroll taxes.”

Justin’s irresponsible spending and deficit plans are in clear contrast with the approach of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has a plan to cut taxes for Canadian families while protecting our economy. Conservatives will continue to lower taxes for families, all while preserving programs Canadians count on and balancing the budget.

“Canada’s budget is balanced a year ahead of schedule because of the economic leadership of Stephen Harper,” said Kenney. “In this election every Canadian voter needs to ask the simple question: Who can protect the fragile economy – and your job – at this time of global economic uncertainty.”


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