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ISKCON’s Festival Of India Function in Centre Island

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Published on August 07, 2015 with No Comments


By Vaishnavi Dilipan

Grade : 1/2 split class, Teacher : Ms. Coats.  Principal: Mrs. M.Rideout, School: Harold F. Loughin P.S Age: 61/2 yrs

We went to Centre Island on July 19th in our car. My Bike and Helmet were kept in the truck and dad put a knot to the bike to secure. After reaching ferry place I took the bike and put my helmet and rode the bike to buy the tickets for the ferry. Then I was told it is no biking zone, so I pushed the bike and reached the ferry and then we sat for a while with the bike and watched the ship sailing even from upstairs and reached Centre Island.

First we went to Festival of India and it was Krishna’s tent and after coming there only we came to know what is going on there and what else to do. We saw the life cycle of a human. We are born as babies, then become child then a teenager and grow up to an adult and then become old and die and become a skeleton.

We bought tickets for the rides and I rode my bike all along the park. First ride was Swan ride and I loved the most because my dad was with me andtook me in a long route and soon it was time to come back. Next ride was the fire station ride. I sat and rang the bell to say people that I’m coming and you move and was fun to do.

Next ride was a frog ladder ride. It went up and down and sometimes stopped in the middle. When it went up it was fun, but when it came down it was scary. We all shouted and finally it came to a stop. It was funny and scary ride. Next was giant wheel it went up and when it came down it was scary and I shouted and the other thing amazing happened was when it was coming down it was higher than the trees. My dad was taking pictures of me. After that was Kitty boat ride on water it was fun.

Next was a carousel .They had different kinds of animals. My dad was standing next to the horse and it took long time to start. After it started I was sad and my dad asked why. I told my dad because my horse was not jumping. Then he took me off my horse and put me on a jumping horse. I was happy and started to smile. Then we all again went to Krishna’s Tent and got Krishna Prasad (lunch) for us all and we finished our lunch that is served by ISCKON. Krishna Prasad tastes best always.

Gopi dots tent had a big line. I and mom got the chance to get it and they put me and my mom a beautiful and pretty Gopi dots on our face with lots of beautiful colours. Then we visited the shops, yoga camp, dance and chanting shows and more tents.

Then I was riding my bike heading towards Franklin Park. Before that we saw a maze. Dad and I went to the maze and played Hide and seek. Next we all went to Franklin Park. In the Park we saw Franklin, bear, goose and beaver. I made colourful and pretty turtle and named as Franklin in the Frank.in garden tent

Next we went to beach, Children Park and water splash and had more fun. Then started back with the ferry ride and got in the car very happily and said ‘Bye Centre Island’ to reach home after a great trip.


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