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Is hatred the new mindset?

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Published on September 12, 2023 with No Comments

A teacher in a private school in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh in India is now famous all around the world for instructing children in her classroom to hit a student one by one, while referring to his Muslim faith, and talking derogatively about “Mohammedan children” – for a simple reason as the poor student because he got his multiplication tables wrong. The message being drilled into the minds of the kids is that one can beat up and humiliate a Muslim without any repercussions.

This happened within one month of another incidence. A purported video of a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable who allegedly killed his senior colleague and three Muslim passengers in a moving train near Mumbai was another hate crime. In the purported video shared on social media, the alleged suspect can be seen standing next to a dead body with his rifle in one hand. “If you want to live and vote in Hindustan [India], I am telling you, it’s only Modi and Yogi, these two people, and your Thackeray,” he said in a brief rant, referring to prime minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. These two incidents are a product of the last nine years. Hatred that was boomed in the media through the prime-time shows has now evolved to another level, where hatred toward minorities is done with a sense of achievement and a propaganda associated with it.

First reaction of most of the Indians was similar. Shock, disbelief, outrage, anger and sadness! Leading to fear of the country that India was fast becoming. It was even more horrifying when the organised armies were out on the social media posting lies to explain the incidents. The most obvious ones being: “the video is distorted”; “the hate filled teacher/constable had not said anything communal”. In the case of the rail incidence, the social media warriors had to junk their lies as the shooter constable own superiors admitted that he had committed a hate crime, which he was then charged with.

India is witnessing the poisoning of the collective mind with propaganda that the ancient glory of Hindus was tarnished by Muslim rulers. Minorities are being blamed for everything including the large population. The blame game for the minorities hit its nadir, when they were blamed for spread of Corona Virus, based on baseless reports in media.  From the withdrawal of scholarships for Muslims to amendments to the citizenship law that discriminate against Muslim asylum seekers, the ruling party is leaving no stone unturned to fan the fuels of division. Festivals are getting converted in clashes between the communities.

Supreme Court of India has taken a note of such hate mongers and has asked the central and state governments to stop such acts. The Court has also warned of contempt action if the police showed any hesitation in compliance. Directed at the police in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the order is in response to the “unending flow of hate speeches” highlighted in a writ petition before it. The Court has referred to the growing “climate of hate”, and taken note of the inaction in most instances, despite the law containing provisions to deal with the phenomenon.

It is quite apparent that the governments at the Centre and in some like-minded States do not share the Court’s concern for communal harmony, fraternity and tranquillity; in fact, some of them may be indirectly contributing in allowing provocative speeches in purported religious gatherings by majoritarian elements.

Intervention by the highest court has become necessary in the light of some controversial religious leaders getting away lightly after making unacceptable comments, some of them tinged with a genocidal tenor.

The incidence of hitting a Muslim students reflects the trauma that a child has to undergo, as he is from a particular faith. Schools are for getting educated and not for getting physical punishment while being abused for the belonging to a particular religion.



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