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Kalpit Panchal is a renowned artist from Gujarat, India. He captures the mundane world on a spiritual perspective and thereby illustrates the manifestations of cosmic power on canvases through colours lines and shapes.Tantra is difficult to understand so is Tantric art, however for the artist, the complexity arises when depicting shapes and symbols associated with Tantrik art in a distinct and specific way.

Kalpit has carved a niche of his own in the world of tantric paintings and has organized more than 18 shows showcasing his incredible artistic pieces across major cities in India. Recently he made his international debut with a painting exhibition at Beaux Arts – Brampton. Panchal sat down for an interview to share his experience and perspectives on Tantrik art with The Weekly Asian Connections Newspaper.

  1. How would you define Tantric Art?
  2. This is an age old art immerse with some specific requirement for those who want to grasp the super natural power or to connect with the cosmic energy. There are certain symbols and specific colour code which defines the composition like tantric.

Q What motivated you to choose a complex subject like Tantra as a medium to express your creativity on canvases? Or (How did you develop an inclination towards tantric paintings?)

  1. In my childhood my mother used to take me to the temple to worship God SHIVA. With the time passes it was difficult to spare time for the worship and then I studied art. While studding art I realised that this is the best way to worship god through art. And I started doing paintings in the context of spiritualism and then I came across age old text of tantric Art. Which really attract me towards this stream of Indian Contemporary art.
  2. What is your take on the relationship between art and spirituality?
  3. I believe any work done with the pure heart is nothing but the spiritual activity. When you and your work become one then it will be the state of meditation. It gives you happiness. But I admit that art is instrument to express the spiritualism.

And being an artist you have an additional responsibility towards society to aware them about the truth of life. And any art has distinct way to present and express the subject.

  1. Which of your artistic pieces stands out as you’re favourite?
  2. Very difficult to make it out. Each and every painting is unique and my masterpiece.
  1. Talk about your favourite tantric paintings? Or an artistic piece close to your heart?
  2. Here I will not talk about myself only. But I would like to express my sincere feeling towards the master artists of India who stroll this Indian tantric art in a different level in this modern art era. I always adore the paintings which were done by some most senior and some passed artists like G(Gulam) R (Rasul) Santosh, S (Saiyd) H (Haider) Raza and so many unknown artist who gave their life to this distinct art form.
  3. As an artist what is your biggest satisfaction?
  4. My first priority while doing paintings is to get connect with the subject. I always look forward to get the pure happiness while indulging in the art. But when it gives the same feeling to the viewer that will be the biggest satisfaction for me.
  5. What are the common themes you employ or make use of to create tantric paintings/works?
  6. I am working on Meditation which helps you to connect to the cosmic world. Of which we all are the part.
  7. How would you define the creative- process of making Tantric arts/paintings?
  8. Once I get through the subject I use to give thoughts to make it simpler to represent to the general people who might not be aware of this subject. So that one should not go away.

What role do you think your tantric paintings play when it comes to the path of self-realization and emancipation?

  1. Actually Tantrik Art is arises for the same requirement. Anyone who want to do this journey he or she need to meditate on the piece of art and can do this fantastic journey. But it’s not that simple as I tell. It needs some teacher and proper guidance to go further.
  2. What memorable responses have you heard about your own artistic works?
  3. So many of people who has bought my paining and hung it on their home wall. When they say that the paintings are giving them some positive vibrations that makes me more happy and satisfied. And I believe that is the biggest reward of my work.
  1. How many exhibitions have you done within India and abroad so far?
  2. I have done more than 18 exhibitions in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Goa etc. in India so far. But this is my fist international exhibition. I am proud that my international career has started from CANADA.
  3. What is your success mantra?
  4. Love your work, Imbibe it within you. And try to be happy and make other happy with your work. Their reflexes give you more positivity.

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