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“I want to keep criminals behind bars and keep drugs out of our communities,”

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Roshan Nallaratnam, a Law and Enforcement professional, hails from a social service-oriented family background. He was born in Sri Lanka and brought up in India. 32 year-old Roshan and his wife, Abirami, have a young family with two daughters. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and has a penchant for playing cricket. Roshan has been actively engaged in community activities including sports, leadership, and social awareness programs for youth. He has also been very vocal on issues concerning security, youth, and family welfare. Roshan enthusiastically reaches out to all communities which has earned him broad recognition and support. If elected as MP for Scarborough Southwest, Roshan will fully commit himself to the service of the communities of Scarborough, assures Roshan in an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections.

  1. What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. A. I have been knocking on doors and meeting the residents in Scarborough for the last few weeks, and I think my priorities are similar to theirs – the economy, taxes, and jobs. Residents in Scarborough believe we need a government that can manage the economy with a plan that focuses on prudent fiscal management and commits to help hard-working Canadian families buy and invest in their homes, save for their children’s future, and help prepare for retirement. The Conservatives and Prime Minister Harper have managed Canada’s economy through the economic instability, and the plan is working – taxes are lower, benefits are higher, 1.3 million jobs have been created since 2009 and the average Canadian family with children are now receiving tax relief and increased benefits of up to $6,600 per year. Both the NDP and Liberals would run billions in deficits, and fund their fiscal mismanagement with billions in new taxes on Canadians and by taking away the tax relief and enhanced benefits the Conservatives provided Canadian families.
  1. If conservatives are given a chance to come back to power, what would be one area in which you would like conservatives to improve its record?
  2. A. One of the reasons why I’m running for office in Scarborough Southwest is because I want to keep criminals behind bars and keep drugs out of our communities. I am hoping the Conservatives will continue to combat any growth in use of illegal drugs by our children and in our neighbourhoods. Both Justin and Thomas Mulcair actually call for the creation of more drug injection sites across Canada – this is something I definitely cannot support. Many Scarborough residents agree with me when I say there are some offenders that are so dangerous and so violent, that we can’t allow them back on the streets and into our communities. I want to ensure that the “Life Means Life” legislation, introduced by the Conservatives, is made law so murderers, like Paul Bernardo, stay behind bars and do not get a chance to apply for parole and be released into society
  3. Who’s a bigger threat, the NDP or the Liberals and why so?
  4. A. The NDP and Liberals are both dangerous to the prosperity of our country. The Liberals are scrapping incoming splitting, cancelling the Universal Child Care Benefit, eliminating the Tax-Free Savings Account, and promising huge deficits. It’s quite obvious that their plan for Canada is reckless and their leader, Justin Trudeau, is just not ready to lead the country. The NDP have a record of raising taxes and expensive government programs. All of their promises will lead to fewer jobs and less economic growth for Canadians. Canada simply can’t afford the NDP.

“A Liberal government will grow a diversified, modern economy that will not only succeed, but will benefit all Canadians,”


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